Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Passing of a friend

sideways Oz
I uncovered my birds Monday morning and found Ozzy had passed during the night. His buddy Harry misses him and so do I. He was only 4 1/2 years old and the only clue anything was wrong is he didn't eat and was very quiet. So not like him. I believe there is a place in Heaven for pets that the angels watch them and play with them. Bye Ozzy you where loved and will be greatly missed.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October birthday Celeberties!

The fall is a beautiful time of the year in Northern Illinois. Before the grey snow, ice and bare trees the Midwest dazzles us with the beautiful colors of the fall leaves. There are cooler temps and fewer misquotes so you can go for a walk and actually enjoy it! It is also the time of the year for the birthdays of two super stars in my book, Jane Eborall and my daughter-Becki! Surprisingly they are a day apart! (OK there are a few years difference in their ages too- lol)
Happy birthday to all the super stars born in October!
Then there is my tatting round robin. I finished my round, blocked it and have it ready for the next person.
Round 4 on the 4th doily I have done!

 I seem to have a theme with rings and chains. lol. But I think it works and it sets a good foundation for the last two rounds. I think  I see doilies more traditional so this has been good for me. I need to learn to think outside the box!
Now I know Yarnplayer has mentioned her new book available from Annie's Attic, well they have it on the web site as coming soon !  I am excited and it does look like a great book to add to my tatting collection,the web site ishere. Check it out! Anyone who has met Marilee or done any of her patterns knows her jewelry is unique and beautiful! Her patterns can be a challenge sometimes, but the result is worth it!
Well happy birthday Jane and happy birthday tomorrow Becki! :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Shuttle's Tale!

original packet
Let me tell you a tale that started over a month ago across the pond. Sweet little shuttles were egarly awaiting to go to their new "mom" and be lovingly put to good use. Their "aunt Jane" kissed them good bye and put them in their mailer for their journey.(" Oh yes we were so happy, but the packet was dark. Aunt Jane told use it wouldn't be long and we would be at our new mommy!!!") Alas poor shuttles huddled together in their cold dark packet waited, and waited put they sat on a shelf in some sorting office. Then they found themelves not with their new home but back with their Aunt Jane with all sort of scribbles on their packet like not a small packet, not enough postage and it needed to go back to Canada. Canada? Yes Canada. Someone in the sorting office must think UK and USA and Canada are the same place. So sweet Aunt Jane put them in a new packet and sent them on their way . ("And we hope we make it to our new home soon") And now we wait.
Yes the shuttle tale continues only time will tell.
On a tatting note I did my 3rd round of our round robin. Pic below. I have never done these before and it takes a little design challege that I am learning as I go. I keep telling myself this suppose to be fun. It is and very educational.
Third round of round robin.
 On a personal note my sister in law has been home for almost a month and does therapy 5 days a week. She is talking great and still has a little swallowing issue. Her balance gets better every day. She can walk with a little help and does stairs. We feel she will make a full recovery. Thanks for all the prayers! Until next time. :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Life Happens

Like Diane (lace lovin librarian) I have had school start and have been busy with that. Also I have had a little tragedy hit my own family. Nothing severe but enough to shake up my life some. My sister in law who is very active and in great shape suffered a mild stroke while running in a 10k race. She is doing better but it is hard on her young family and us. As you can see by the picture her girls are adorable, but they are lively!
The Scribner girls!
The youngest one is 3 and does not understand why mommy isn't there when she wakes up in the morning. The next youngest started kindergarten this year and the oldest middle school.
Life will change for everyone when mommy does come home, but I have faith she will be completely healed. It is only going to take time!
On a tatting note I am working on several things. Below I did and wrote down my center for the doily and made a snowflake out of it. I did it in 'Rhubarb Pie' size 20 by Marilee aka Yarnplayer.
Motif center.

I changed the  stitch count on this version and it is too close to the start of one of Jon Yusoff's patterns that I don't feel comfortable writing it down here to share without talking to her first. That is fair to her and me. I don't need to make enemies with anyone.
I am helping a friend with her pattern and need to work a little harder this week on it. It has been fun to do. Hope to get back to her next week with all my comments.
So this has been the week of break downs too. Son's car died just helped out with buying new car. Ouch. My car needs to be replaced so does husbands. It is like when it rains it pours. lol.
Oh well it all works out in the end.
New motif that I am to do 3rd round.

So here is a pic of my next project. I get to design the third round for this doily. I'm thinking maybe a little Celtic thing with it . We shall see. Well time to run :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer break nearing end. :(

Well I go back to work in one week, what happened to summer break? Ok so I worked 5 weeks of it, got to participate in my first Pioneer Days in Kenosha, met some tatting 'Godesses' (Diane-Lace loving librarian, Gina-Threads of a tatting Godess), went to my first Lace days, road trip to Cincinnatti for the day with Diane to meet up with Jane Eborall, had visit from Alaskan daughter, did the fair and actually did some tatting!!
My first 'spinning wheel' in Autumn Spice.
One of the pieces I worked on May into June was the 'Spinning Wheel Mat' from Mary Konior' s "Tatting With Visual Patterns".  The book doesn't tell you that you need two shuttles or that you switch shuttles to do the end turn rows. Diane and I had a discussion about that. What you can't tell unless you look close is all the cut and ties. Until I figured the pattern, there are several. My second one I am still working on( that Jane unpicked my boo boos on) is still not done. There are not a lot of cut and ties ( decided to unpick) just where I had to join more thread.
My part of the round robin piece for Lighthouse Lacers.

The next project I had was to design a second round for a motif we are doing a round robin in my lace group. The center was done by Barb Gorden a very talented lace maker and lady who is working with me on learning bobbin lace. (Oh yeah I'm learning bobbin lace this summer too!) My round I did in Lizbeth 'Easter Eggs' size 20. The color is darker in appearance than it actually is. I need to write down what I did. I am going to suggest we each send a sheet with the pattern so we can each have a copy of all the finished round robins.
Summer has gone by and fall with more mild temperatures will be quickly behind. Once again all my good intentions of cleaning, exercising and weeding have fallen to the way side. Oh well before long there will be snow covering the weeds, winter break to be ambitious about cleaning and tomorrow to get up early and exercise.(ha ha)
As a post script: the disturbed lady from earlier post broke off all my raspberry plants so no more raspberries this year. I will have to go in and mow down to 4" so next year than can come up again. It took me 4 years to get my plants to be were there are now.  And this was a good year for berries! Ugh! Life is always exciting at my house. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We are having a heat wave!

Anyone who lives in the Midwest know heat and humidity = awesome sweet. At the rate we have had our latest run on high heat index days we should have bushes and bushes of lovely sweet corn. lol. I do not have air conditioning except in the bedroom, so the heat slows me way down. To do anything strenuous means total wipe out and end up in the bedroom to bring core temp. down. But it hasn't stopped me from working on my tatting.
My motif for Lighthouse Lacers.
 So my lace group (Lighthouse Lacers) is doing a tatting round robin. This is my entry. Jane made a suggestion since it starts with SCMR in doing a SR for the last ring . I haven't  tried it that way since the  motif would make a cute snowflake. I do have to give credit to Jon Yusoff for the center as it is inspired by her snowflake. And since it is similar to hers I don't think I can share a pattern for it legally as she has it published in "Tatted Snowflakes".
I have a very nice one that when I get my row done I'll share, until than anyone with a connection with the powers that be to cool the temps down please help! lol :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Life's surprises!

We are not hermits but can be close to it. Our house sits about 200 feet from the road surrounded by tall trees. You really can't see us from the road and we like it that way. We have three entrances to our driveway which is  tree lined so you have to come around the bend of the driveway to see the house. People walking by who haven't been here have no idea that we are here. So when strangers pull into the yard it takes us by surprise and them too. ( I can tell when people drive up and they usually get met somewhere up the driveway). Ok we like our privacy . To continue with my story: Saturday my son was outside in the yard picking up his tools. He had just finished working on  a friends car. A woman with a cat carrier(cockatoo inside) and a small dog walk up to him and asks if she could hide in our woods to hide from her ex boyfriend who was a cop.( there is about 4 acres of woods surrounding the property). Of course my son said no. He watched her leave or so we thought. He finished his clean up and didn't think anything about.
At 4 am the next morning my daughter came into our room and said she just got a text from my hubbie's phone. (see our spare room 'luxury accomidations' for guests)
The spare room.
My hubbie got up to look for his phone. No phone anywhere(he forgets it in his car all the time.) So he and Bec took the camping lantern out to his car, as my daughter hung back she heard her father yell 'What are you doing in my car!' The questionable woman was in his car sitting with her dog. Yeah that did not go over well. She plead with him not to call the police and took off thru the woods toward the road. My husband checked to make sure everything was ok with his car. He locked it and my car came in and went back to bed.
Sunday goes on and husband stays home from church to make sure the lady does not come back. Son and husband have to go outside for some reason and my son turns around and finds the lady asleep in the grass by my raspberry bushes! Police are called and when they finally get here she is still asleep. Apparently she has been on the police watch list for some time because she has a mental illness and there hadn't been enough to commit her.( not enough complaints so the police were grateful to us calling so she could get the help she needs!) Are we in the twilight zone??!! Or what?? At least all ended well.
So this morning Becki was to fly back this morning. She came out with two pieces of luggage and left with three more so she could take good Illinois corn home.
We are going on the tollroad and the car starts driving funny-flat tire and no jack! Quick call to son. He rescues us and hubbie and Bec are off to the airport-she made it with one minute literal to spare. Good thing her flight left late! Murphy's law what can I say.
Becki and Jim the Bee Whispers!
Jane's hexagon mat!
So I am closing with a few fun pictures. One of hubbie and daughter after checking our bees(yum home grown honey!) and a small sample of Jane's completed mat! So when life gives you those little speed bumps just smile and be happy you have good family and friends to be there for you-and of course tatting! :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lake County Fair And Presents!

To say I crammed a lot into one week is an understatement.  So Wednesday my daughter flew in from Alaska for her last big adventure before her work starts up . So she decided to visit to go to the fair and take home sweet corn. And there is nothing like Midwest corn! So on the way home it started to rain and plan b got put into play.
Beck and Bill at Fred's
So a quick stop to one of our favorite diners to have a great breakfast. After Fred's it stopped raining so off to the fair!
Bill with a pork chop on a stick .
We saw the piggies, the bunnies, the chickens, sheep, cows, and goats. After the livestock it was time to go inside for air conditioning and the exhibits.  My youngest son Bill meet us there and had his traditional chop on a stick. He loves to 'ham' it up for the pictures. lol.
After 4 hours I was faired out( and broke).
That was Wednesday. Two aspirin a short night and I was on my way to Diane's and Cincinnati.
Lovely brooch that Jane gave me.
And we heard from both me and Diane how Thursday went. Isn't that a lovely brooch I received from Jane. Diane took the blue one.( of course)
Friday I spent the day shopping with Becki ( broke again lol). We went to a shoe store and Lane Byrant. It was nice to find clothes that fit for this full figured gal! So by Friday night I was falling asleep in the chair lol.  Way too much fun I guess.
Today it is more shopping with Becki( food shopping this time). Find time when all three of my children can get together again. It is always nice when that happens. And more extended family time. We never know when Becki will have the time or money to come down to the lower 48. Well time to get going! Ta Ta for now.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Meeting of the Minds!!??

Presents from Diane.
First let me say I did not die nor have I any real good excuse why I haven't posted for so long. I can say I have had a busy summer. With that said I say that on July 22nd we had the first meeting of the minds when Marilee Rockley (aka Yarnplayer) and I meet up with Diane Cademartori (lace loving librarian) at an Oasis on the Illinois Toll road. Gifts where exchanged, many laughs and a lady had to ask what we where doing. Then she said 'I thought that was tatting'. That was a great time and it was so great to get to know Diane and Marilee better.
But wait for it! The next best day of the summer was Diane and I drove to Cincinnati Ohio to meet up Jane Eborall truly one of the greatest minds in tatting! All I can say it was like we where friends always. Jane is such a sweet, funny and talented person! She sounds in person just like she does on her blog!
Ok yes I did take pictures, and will share. We spent six hours talking tatting , solving and learning. Jane even took my work and unpicked my mistakes lickity split. All the time telling me oh I love to unpick mistakes. She was so willing to show and share!
Diane showered us with more gifts and I gave her one of my pop a bobbin shuttles.
Diane, Jane and me.
Jane Eborall and her beautiful mat!
Doesn't  it look like I had fun! I did!
Marilee from the 22nd.
So wish Marilee could have joined us I know she would have loved Jane. She was missed from Diane, Jane and my adventure!
Tatters are truly the nicest people!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What happened to Spring???!!!

It seems like winter has come back! Woke up Monday to 1" snow on the ground. The last few days have been rainy, windy and in low 30's. My poor sinuses and Sunday is our big Easter program and my voice is getting froggy.Instead of Alto I'll be signing Bass!lol Mother Nature can't make up her mind. Last week we had 90 degrees on Sunday!
I thought you would enjoy a pic of a traffic stopper my daughter sent me.
a traffic stopper in Anchorage!
 You don't see one of these every day in Illinois! But it is common place in Anchorage. Oh yeah, so are the bears!(Don't go alone and don't forget your gun!)
Now I have to brag about my friend I have been working with on tatting!
Lindsay working on Helen Bailey's Celtic Egg Pattern

Now Lindsay was originally taught to tat by her Grandmother when she was 6 years old. But she hadn't picked up a shuttle for a long time. We have been working together for about 8 months and Lindsay has mastered many techniques.  This piece is tatted in size 20 Lizabeth thread. The pattern is off Georgia Sietz's web site and by Helen Bailey. Sorry no URL address, I have trouble getting to Georgia's site and usually google it.
I think Lindsay has done great so far and is by far a faster tatted than me! She hopes to get it done for Easter.
Weather hope continues as temps are suppose to get to 60 by the weekend. Of course we've been lied to before. lol :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Tatting Day!

'Celery' and 'Rhubarb Pie' in size 20. Pattern from 'Workbasket'
Hope everyone had a great day wearing tatting, eating chocolate and tatting! My friend Lindsey worked on a very new techniques with her. We had wonderful Dove chocolate and I taught her Teri Dusenbury's folded join(or not really folded) and the Catherine Wheel join.  Yarnplayer has a great video on the Catherine Join and Jane Eborall had a link to Teri's folded join. The  picture is a pair of earrings using Teri's method for doing the last ring without a twisted picot!
The black thing the earrings are on is my new magnifier. It has two magnifications and is wonderful for seeing those small stitches for sewing in ends. It was a Hobby Lobby  find and am sorry to say I use it a lot!
So Happy Tat Day and keep those shuttles and needles going!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lighthouse Lacers' display.

The month of March at the Kenosha Northside Library the Lighthouse Lacers are displaying  several items of different handmade lace. We have Hardanger, Bobbin, Needle and Tatting laces displayed. Marilee Rockley (aka Yarnplayer) has  a lot of her own designs on display. There are several pieces that where made for me by Jane Eborall( sorry I didn't have anything of mine to display this time.).  Tatting is very well represented! Enjoy the pictures I took on my iPhone. Click on pics so you can see the beautiful detail of the work.
The vest is Hardanger, the earrings/necklace set Bobbin lace.

The green necklace is Marilee's. The butterfly I believe to be Bobbin as is the piece in the frame.
Several more Marilee necklaces, a practice doll that has tatting on it and another Bobbin lace with some bobbins.
This wall hanging was made by Silvia (?). She Bobbin laced this. You really need to click on it an see just how beautiful it is!
And last we have Needle, Tatting and more Bobbin lace. See the butterfly and seahorses, guess who (Jane E.) made them!
I hope you enjoy the pictures. Janet, Trish,Jim(Janet's husband) and I had fun creating this display. If you are in the Kenosha area visit the Library at 1500 27th Street, Kenosha, Wis.
Next Saturday the 12th from 1-3 pm members of the Lacers will be demonstrating different techniques.
On another note I did finish my TIAS! It is on Jane's TIAS blog. It was one of 80 Jane Airlines to 'fly' in.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Surprise package in the mail!

Monday I received a surprise in the mail all the way from sunny New Mexico from Linda Mageske her blog is here.

There was this adorable little jar of jam with this hand made card and tatted topper!
Card opened with a bookmark surprise! Jam grown and made by Linda!
 As you can see the jam is raspberry(yum) and from her own garden!
Surprise the topper is an adorable doily.
When I removed the yarn from the topper it transformed into a lovely pink doily! Linda is truly on talented lady! What a nice gift in time for Valentine's day. Thanks Linda!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day and TIAS!

Front yard with fresh 24" of snow!
Well the last 24 hours have been exciting in my neck of woods. We got hit with that lovely storm front that they said was making it's way across the the US and is now going toward the East coast. We had it all... Blizzard conditions, white outs, high winds, blowing snow and 5 ft. snow drifts. They put most of Illinois under civil emergency and our town literally was shut down. The only thing open was McDonald's (whats wrong with that picture). Fortunately we are prepared at our house and I got to spend the whole day tatting and watching TV.( some times a bad combination)
My day 8 TIAS.

Here is my day 8 of Jane's TIAS. Yeah I STILL have no idea. I don't even believe it's a real thing, just a wild and crazy idea Jane came up with. But It has been a blast playing along. At least all the others at Jane's site look the same!
Tomorrow is another snow day and I hope they have at least got the streets open so the banks, post office and stores open. The wind chill is suppose to be -25 degrees tomorrow so I am glad for the chance to stay home and work on my tatting! :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

SNOW, Snow, snow!

Well the weather man said we it was coming and right now it is snowing. We are suppose to get 16-24 inches of the white stuff, then temps are suppose to drop. The joys of living in the Midwest. I'm so ready for all the bad weather around the world to stop!
Day 5 TIAS.
On a tatting note, here are pictures of day 5, 6 and 7.  So the little guy is coming along and I still have no idea. I think Jane has a weird sense of humor and we all will have a great laugh at what it really is. Last year I ended up with a green and orange rooster! I really like the colors and hope it looks good on "UFO".( name I gave it, not for unfinished but for unidentified object! lol.)
Day 6 TIAS
And day 7 below.
Day 7 TIAS.

So with some luck we can get a snow day out of this! If not it will be slow driving and lots of crazy people out there! Ta Ta for now!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 4 of TIAS and GO BEARS!

Today the rivalry is going again against Bears and Packers( so far Packers 6 Bears 0 at 1st quarter). I am not a big football fan, but I do support the Chicago teams. I don't know how many decades the rivalry has been between these two teams but living on the Ill/Wis boarder there are no fence sitters.
On a tatter's note I have been working on Jane's TIAS and finished day 4 . My guess was a blind mole rat with a hump.lol  Since there is no such animal I don't think it's that! I know I'm going to have an ahha moment when it 's finally revealed.
(Bears not doing well. Figures.)
Day 4 TIAS
I really like the colors and how they change with this thread. It seems a little twisty , but hasn't been problematic closing rings or anything. I think it was the way I wound it on the shuttle, maybe too much twist.
We have had bitter cold weather and a little snow (2 or so inches) . When it's cold like this school buses really don't heat up well. Friday was -7 below and I had one chilly bus and several cold little guys. I feel bad for them because some of them just don't understand and only know they are cold.
My daughter has been doing some demolition on her bathroom. Previous owners didn't put  the tile up right, nor did they use the right grout or sealed it. Water got behind the tile and now she has mold. It means taking out toilet, dry wall and what ever else she finds. Oh the joys of home ownership! There really should be something that protects the new homeowner.
Front of Becki House.
All in all it is a cute house and in spite of all the headaches that she doesn't really have extra money for. (No that is NOT my school bus) Becki sure likes it and is happy to be in Alaska.
A few fine feathered friends!
And for a parting shot a few winter Flamingos. Hope all are safe and have a great week. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 3 of TIAS! Package from Jane!

oops cut day three TIAS picture off a little.
Well here is my day three TIAS and looking at the others I can tell I've done it right. I think it is a lovely thing-in-a-bob. Still no idea so hoping day 4 will shed some light on it. Of course I'm not holding my breath on that.
A special surprise from Jane.
 Here are few pictures of some cool tatted piece I got yesterday from Jane Eborall in U.K.
A pig bookmark by Jane E.
I fell in love with this pig bookmark and had to get it for my brother-in-law.  He grew up on a homestead and raised pigs, so any time I find a cute pig I get it for him!
Butterfly bookmark by Jane E.
I got this butterfly bookmark for my niece. She would rather read a book than just about anything else( like practice her instruments, do homework, get ready for bed).
Flower bookmark by Jane E.
Sorry for the picture quality, I was using the camera on my cell phone. I just liked this one. I have been waiting 4 weeks for 2 packages that are in 'limbo' in the void between with U.K. and U.S.A. so I got some 'replacements' since I wanted these for Christmas.  I think the intended recipients will be happy as I am with them. I hope all tatters are well in spite of all the bad weather everywhere and happy tatting!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jane is at it again!

Day 1 TIAS.
Well as she promised Jane Eborall is doing it again! No nothing illegal (though gas prices in the Chicago area are a crime!), no she is hosting another TIAS! Last year we did 'Norman the Rooster' this year we are only into day 2 and I have no idea! I love doing TIAS with Jane. There are always new techniques to try, lovely directions clear and concise with great illustrations. Besides it is always fun to work on a mystery!
Above is my day 1 in size 20 Lizbeth's new colors 'Lime Green' and 'Juicy Watermelon'.  The Watermelon color kind of reminds me of Yarnplayer's 'Rhubarb Pie' . I am using my pop-a-bobbin shuttles. The one on the left was a present from Sally Kerson ( whose husband is 'I'm in the garage' and the maker of these shuttles!) Did I mention I REALLY like these shuttles!
Day 2 TIAS.
Here is my day 2 sitting on one of Jane's poke proof pouches( which stores pop-a-bobbin shuttles snug as a bug in a rug).So if you want to play Jane's game catch her here.  This a link to Jane's blog and there are links to her TIAS. So the more who play the game the more fun you will have besides learning some new and cool techniques!
Jim and Grizzly at airport.
 A parting shot  of my hubbie with the one that got away.lol. Actually this is the largest Kodiak Bear( Grizzly) shot in Alaska. It was over 20 feet tall. Sorry for the angle but it was the only way to get both in the picture. Well I hope that all in tat land are safe and dry, in spite of all the bad weather we have had globally. Tata for now.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

As promised more pictures!

A couple of
Alaska has got to be one of the most beautiful states in the USA. It has the smallest population of any state (less than 700,000 people) and is almost 3 times as big as Texas! It is home to Mt McKinley and has more bears than people! And a lot of ugly Moose!
On the Seward highway south of Anchorage.

On a clear day you can see the mountain range that has Mt. McKinley in it in Denali (150 miles away). We went down the Seward Hwy. to see the inlet and some of the mountains. Anchorage has almost 270,000 people and is one of the largest cities in Alaska.
A mountain near my daughter's subdivision.

A frozen water fall on the side of the mountain. People actually climb theses, why?
By the pictures you can see how clear the skies can be. It was about zero degrees C out this day and warmed up to about 10 degrees. When we left it was 40 degrees in Anchorage and 14 in Chicago.
Downtown Gridwood/ gas station and store. Population about 200. My husband and yes even though it is about 5 degrees  it doesn't feel like that! It feels warmer!
It is a dry cold there so it doesn't chill you to the bone when you go out. Most people wear sweatshirt hoodies!
Clark Middle School were my daughter works. This typical of schools in Anchorage.

In the school my daughter works there about 1200 middle school age children (6-8 grade).
On the road toward downtown. Silver building is part of the downtown.

All of Anchorage is earth quake proof. Their last earth quake was 5 something on the scale and Becki felt it. They get earth quakes more often than you would think. These are a few of the mason buildings we saw. Most houses and buildings are wood.
Well I hope you enjoyed a quick look at some of my adventures in Alaska. Until next time, happy tatting! :)