Thursday, October 22, 2009

'Lacy Treasures' with Lizabeth Thread.

Below is a very lonely little Angel earring I tatted with Yarnplayer's hdt- can't remember the color but do know it is a size 50. I haven't stiffened it yet because my husband helped my by picking up my stiffy and I still haven't found it! (Beads are from DS9Designs at ) These are Lizabeth thread # 117 size 20 and the pattern is Yarnplayer's "Lacy Treasure" available in her Etsy store. It is suppose to be a pendant and when Handy Hands has Lizabeth thread available in size 10 I will make a matching pendant from it. These are more earring size so that is what they will become. After all you can't have enough earrings!

This is another pair of earrings done in size 20 purple Lizabth thread. This is also a Yarnplayer pattern "Quadrille". I did these last summer and still haven't stiffened them. I think you can still get the pattern at her Etsy store. I really like Marilee's earring patterns and Jon's snowflake patterns. I also like a lot of other people's patterns. And if I can be honest I kind of have an obsession with collecting tatting patterns. I have close to 50 or so tatting books and hundreds (literally) printed patterns. I have 40-60 crochet books and dozens of knitting, Batik, Tye-die and weaving books. You might say I have my own little private library of books. Oh and lets not forget my collection of cook books, cake decorating books besides all the fiction and non fiction. OK I could have my own library-LOL. But someone has to have a reference center right? I have been collecting books for 40 years and I know that some patterns would be gone if someone like me didn't keep track of them .One day I will organize it all and label it so it can be easily accessed. Just NOT today.LOL. Well all good things must come to and I need to get this on the web so I can get some other projects done. So TaTa for now. Smile, someone will think you are up to something!:)-
P.S. all the long beads are fairy daggers from DS9designs.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

More fall leaves.

This is a 'Maple leaf' pattern originally in a Workbasket but diagrammed and fixed by Tammy Rodgers, done in a size 80 in 'Sugar Maple' by Yarnplayer(link to her in side tool bar). I don't remember what web site I got pattern. I think Georgia Seitz had it under maple leaves. Anyways, I remembered why I really didn't like size 80 thread. (You mean besides the fact that if you pull a little too hard when you close rings it breaks or was it because it is so easy to get a small knot in it that you don't see until you try to close your work.) But I have other little projects I want to do and size 50 is too big for some of my earring patterns.

The above picture is to give you some idea of size of this pattern compared to a quarter and size 10 in the same thread. I haven't decided if my leaf pattern is too big for earrings(too wide actually), so I was thinking doing the clover with a ring on either side and a short stem. Something to play with. If it doesn't work out I'll send it to LadySuttleMaker for her art project as a 'bit'.
On a brighter note I have become the proud owner of several patterns from Battytatter (Carol Amich) and Yarnplayer(Marilee Rockley). You will have to be patient till I tat some of them. I also found someone who designs quilt designs in tatting. Yes all I need is 48 hours in a day!Lol. Never enough time for hobbies.
Speaking of hobbies I think I'll 'practice' some more with size 80 thread! TaTa for now :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A new ring and leaf.

The picture above is my Celtic tatted elm/rose leaf from Ruth Perry's book "Celtic Tatted Leaves and Flowers. The one on the left was needle tatted on a size 7 needle and the right one is my previously posted shuttle tatted one.The needle tatted one is bigger, and I wove it correctly, I like the look of the shuttle one better. No I'm not giving up needle tatting. There are some techniques I handle better with a needle than shuttle and visa verse. I just think for smaller threads shuttle looks nicer. When working with size 10 and 5 I don't think there is much difference in look. My opinion for what it is worth. The thread is Marilee Rockley(a.k.a. Yarnplayer) 'A Leaf Falls' in size 20.( Check her out at )

This is 'Melur' in size 20 'Lola' hdt by Marilee. The pattern is from Jon Yusoff's book "Tatting With Rings". The original pattern calls for size 30 but I used 20 without too much difficulty. I had a few glitches (not with pattern but with the tatter behind the shuttle) but as a whole unless you look REALLY close you don't see them. Decided Josphine knots and I are NOT really friends. But I keep working on them to make them better. I just close my rings a little too tight.
On a different note: LADYSHUTTLEMAKER needs bits and pieces of size 50 or smaller tatted pieces for her art. If any are interested in sending her some odds and ends you have ( maybe the frustrated with ufos you have laying around) check her out at her web site. There is a link to her web page on my side bar(Tatting Tales-All thing tatting).
I wish everyone happy 'tails' with your tatting and your other projects and I am going to work on a few of mine! TaTa till latter.
PS. I have links to both Jon and Marilee on my side bar so check them out! :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A little leaf.

My first attempt at a Celtic rose or elm leaf from Ruth's book "Celtic Tatted Leaves and Flowers"(contact Ruth at ). I did it in size 20 of Marilee's new color 'A Leaf Falls' ( ) . If you click on image you get a bigger picture.Be warned you will see ALL my mistakes too!
This is the first pattern in the book and it tatted easily enough. The trick is weaving correctly. I noticed I might have down some of the weaving wrong, but for first attempt I am happy with it. This was shuttle tatted and I am trying it again needle tatted. :)