Saturday, October 3, 2009

A little leaf.

My first attempt at a Celtic rose or elm leaf from Ruth's book "Celtic Tatted Leaves and Flowers"(contact Ruth at ). I did it in size 20 of Marilee's new color 'A Leaf Falls' ( ) . If you click on image you get a bigger picture.Be warned you will see ALL my mistakes too!
This is the first pattern in the book and it tatted easily enough. The trick is weaving correctly. I noticed I might have down some of the weaving wrong, but for first attempt I am happy with it. This was shuttle tatted and I am trying it again needle tatted. :)


yarnplayer said...

It's very pretty! It looks so natural, and the leaves in nature aren't "perfect" either. I think the last 2 chains are woven opposite from the others, but otherwise it's "nearly" perfect! That's a lovely design.

Fox said...

Pretty! Nice work on the weaving. I find I get so baffled with the weaving - dratted dyslexia. It's next on the list and one of these days..... : ) Fox

❦TattingChic said...

Very nice! It's a very pretty leaf. I've seen Ruth's book, but haven't gotten that one. I have 2 of her other Celtic tatting books, though. ☺ You may have just convinced me to get it! Hee hee! ☺