Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What happened to Spring???!!!

It seems like winter has come back! Woke up Monday to 1" snow on the ground. The last few days have been rainy, windy and in low 30's. My poor sinuses and Sunday is our big Easter program and my voice is getting froggy.Instead of Alto I'll be signing Bass!lol Mother Nature can't make up her mind. Last week we had 90 degrees on Sunday!
I thought you would enjoy a pic of a traffic stopper my daughter sent me.
a traffic stopper in Anchorage!
 You don't see one of these every day in Illinois! But it is common place in Anchorage. Oh yeah, so are the bears!(Don't go alone and don't forget your gun!)
Now I have to brag about my friend I have been working with on tatting!
Lindsay working on Helen Bailey's Celtic Egg Pattern

Now Lindsay was originally taught to tat by her Grandmother when she was 6 years old. But she hadn't picked up a shuttle for a long time. We have been working together for about 8 months and Lindsay has mastered many techniques.  This piece is tatted in size 20 Lizabeth thread. The pattern is off Georgia Sietz's web site and by Helen Bailey. Sorry no URL address, I have trouble getting to Georgia's site and usually google it.
I think Lindsay has done great so far and is by far a faster tatted than me! She hopes to get it done for Easter.
Weather hope continues as temps are suppose to get to 60 by the weekend. Of course we've been lied to before. lol :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Tatting Day!

'Celery' and 'Rhubarb Pie' in size 20. Pattern from 'Workbasket'
Hope everyone had a great day wearing tatting, eating chocolate and tatting! My friend Lindsey worked on a very new techniques with her. We had wonderful Dove chocolate and I taught her Teri Dusenbury's folded join(or not really folded) and the Catherine Wheel join.  Yarnplayer has a great video on the Catherine Join and Jane Eborall had a link to Teri's folded join. The  picture is a pair of earrings using Teri's method for doing the last ring without a twisted picot!
The black thing the earrings are on is my new magnifier. It has two magnifications and is wonderful for seeing those small stitches for sewing in ends. It was a Hobby Lobby  find and am sorry to say I use it a lot!
So Happy Tat Day and keep those shuttles and needles going!