Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Have shuttle-Will travel

Last night I had the opportunity to teach someone to tat! Ok I have taught others, but this was the first time I actually had someone who picked it up like a fish to water. She got the ds stitch, how to transfer the flip, picots, rings, joins and chains- all in about 2 hours. I left her with a copy of "Learn To Tat" by Jeanette Baker(pic to the right), a couple of shuttles and some thread. Now normally I wouldn't get excited, but she is under 30, not related to me and she is already a talented artist in her own right. It was fun and can't wait to get together again to see how she does! Who knows maybe we can start our own tatting club here in Northern Illinois!:)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

A family portrait taken for Bill's b-day party.(Bill is the little guy on the left). This will be the last photo of all of us as Bec has headed back to Alaska.(l-r Top-me, Jim 1st row-James, Becki and Bill).
Her father and I drove her to the airport and on the way home both of us were a little teary eyed. Even though she has lived in Alaska for over a year it was like sending her off all over again. It doesn't get easier. In the manual that didn't come with children when they where born the how you are suppose to cope with' their leaving the nest' chapter was missing. But that is the beautiful thing about families no matter were in life they are they are still your family and preparing them to have families of their own is one of our jobs.
Now I can take some time and pick up the aftermath and maybe get some tatting done.:).
P.S. To Tatting Chic- your blog goes into error when I try to open it. Just thought you would like to know.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Peaches, pickles and cherries!

Bec and I canned about 45 quarts of peaches, 14 quarts of pie cherries and Bec did 60 pints of dills. (I did only 14 pints of bread and butter). This was in prep of her getting stuff ready to go back to Alaska. (She leaves tomorrow). Where has the summer gone?

We did the Lake County Fair, the Milwaukee Zoo and lots of clothes shopping the last couple of weeks. All in all we had a FULL summer! I even made 4 dish clothes for her to take back with her. Pic is one of the four dish cloths Bec will be giving to her friend in Anchorage. Sad to say I didn't finish any tatting(Have lots of ufos going objects that is). Maybe when Bec leaves I can get them done.
All in all I will miss Bec and it will be a long spell before we see her again. So when I am having home canned peaches this winter I can smile and think how much fun we had this summer! Well TaTa for now.