Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Post Man Cometh.

And he brought me 'presents'! This long awaited book came today. It is Sherry Pence's( aka LadyShuttleMaker) new butterfly book. It is full of fun butterflies and can't wait to tat a few!
Last fall I joined 'Ring Of Tatters' and got my renewal form some time ago. With the form was a form to order these next two books. I opened this first book and there are names of people I had several books from, who contributed to it. There is a wealth of knowledge, techniques and comments from such poeple as Mary Konoir and Pam Palmer. I will treasure these two books for along time. It is nice to read the history of ROT and see all the lovely lace that has been made.

On another note, there are 24 days left till the Becki cometh! (I'm NOT excited-much!) Happy Tatting to all and to all go night! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

An 'Enchanter' Valentine's Day!

A happy Valentine's Day to all. Here is Jon Yusoff's latest pattern 'Enchanter' done in size 20 Lizbeth thread in 'Western Sunset' # 102. Jon's lovely pattern is at her web site http://tatsaway.blogspot.com/ . I saw the pattern and didn't know how big it would tat in 20 thread. ( It is about 1 -1/2" by 1 -3/4" perfect earring size) And when I finished one I said I have to make another.
The pattern tats up beautifully and quickly. I think I would like to make some more and add beads. This design lends itself easily to beads. A few seed beads in the picots and a little dagger bead at the tip maybe.
The hardest part is tying a bow! My fingers don't work like that any more. lol.
They are in time to wear for church on Valentine's Day. Nice addition to my earring collection.
The count down has begun for Becki sighting- 26 days and she will be here! :)