Friday, December 25, 2009

Have a blessed Holiday season!

A picture of beautiful downtown Antioch, Il. (without the snow). Wishing you and yours a very blessed and safe Holiday season! :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Playing with split rings...

I have been playing with split rings and thought I share with you some of my fun I have been having! My first pic is the center for '4 Ring Snowflake' by Wendy Durell( ). Problem, I ran out of thread on one of my shuttles so there are only 5 sets instead of 6. This sample done up in size 40 lizbeth thread 'Angel's Love'.( About the size of a quarter.) Done as double shuttle split rings with 2 shuttles.
Next is the body of the 'Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon' pattern by Anne Bruvold 2008. (Don't remember were I got this pattern from, best bet google.) Single shuttle split rings. So what DO you find easier to do double shuttle :(- or single shuttle :) split rings?! I obviously like single better, but both really make tatting fun! (Thread is size 20 I think Lizbeth, don't remember color number, sorry.) The dragon body is about 6-7 inches long. I threw in a crocheted snowflake I made a couple of years ago, to give it a little more Christmas feeling! This pattern makes a lovely 5 inch snowflake with bedspread weight crochet thread.

I have tatted no new snowflakes for Christmas yet. :( I have had a touch of the flu followed by a lovely sinus infection that has kept me up for 5 days. No fun. And if I could stop coughing long enough I'd finish Wendy's pattern! This has put a crimp in my Christmas gift making. Truffles, marshmallow creme and fudge are all waiting for me. I'm just waiting for the antibiotics to start to work so I I have enjoyed sharing my small success with the split rings. More and more patterns use them and they are really handy to get from one round to the next without cutting and hiding ends!
Hope all have a safe and happy Holidays and kept those shuttles flying!:)

Monday, December 14, 2009

The attack of the flu 'bug'-Yuck and a Crane.

This is one bug I really tried to avoid, but I wasn't that lucky:( . So as I sit with all the lovely side affects of it I thought I'd show you my little Cranes.This is one of MANY!(The material is a blue batik I got on ebay.)
I had alot of fun making them and then putting a hole for the hanger to go through. Now to put them in a card along with a candy cane and my gifts for my kids will be done! I chose the Crane because it was cute, but more importantly it was easy for me. It is also a tradition to make Cranes for the Chinese New year for luck and prosperity. I'm not Chinese but the idea is cool so hey, why not?!!
I thought about tatting eyes for them, but that didn't happen. I am working on a snowflake and when its done I'll share.( Better that then the flu!).
Oh yeah, now there are 10 tatting days left to get something done before Christmas! Happy tatting!!! :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thread, thread and more thread!

First picture is a sample of the SEVERAL skeins of hdt I ordered. They are from Yarnplayer aka Marilee Rockely from her Etsy shop. (click on her blog link at the right on the tool bar and you can get to her etsy shop). They are size 20 in 'Snowflake','Tourmaline' and 'Vibrato'.

This group of thread is a sample of the three colors I got from LadyShuttleMaker aka Sherry Pence from her Etsy shop.( another website I have on my right tool bar). These are 100 % silk and in a size 20. They are 'Country Christmas', 'Hosta Leaf' and ' Holly Jolly Christmas'.
When questioned what I was going to do with all this thread I stated I was sharing with a few people. OK I am just hording some if it and will tat it into some thing fabulous.(snowflakes or maybe ANOTHER pair of earrings!lol)
I mailed off my thread exchange packages today. The hardest part was deciding what thread to send. I have also been doing fabric Origami ornaments in the shape of a Crane. These are for my students that ride my bus. I think I have folded at least 75 birds and have demolished one hands worth of nails. But the Cranes look great(will try to remember to take pics!). I sent one to each of my thread exchange so it really didn't fit in the regular envelope so I put them in a mailer. I had fun that's what counts!
Becki can't get her mail because the Post Office is temporary closed due to illness. You think they could borrow someone from the Ketchikan Post Office just so people can get their mail! I can't imagine not being able to get mail so close to Christmas. I hope not alot of people there are doing mail order for their holiday shopping.
Well as I get something do (so many projects so little time) I post it. Until then remember there are only 12 more tatting days left to have something for Christmas! :)-

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Playing with cute little bugs!

I was having way too much fun driving in the snow on my routes this afternoon, so I thought what could I do to my cute little bug and this is what I got.( 3 are just plain the other is my 'mutant' bug. I think I've seen some of these guys eating on my bushes this summer.) Why not make the big picot a double picot and see how it looks. The picture is above is the results. I notice on my second double I didn't get my joining thread all the way down so that side will be glued in place on the card. It is obvious I have tooo much time on my hands and am just tooo excited about my first thread exchange. Sometimes simple is the best. But you be the judge.
Winter has decided to come to northern Illinois. We have had freezing rain followed by snow followed by temps dropping followed by wind. OK so I like snow, but not with ice under it or up to 40 mph winds or sleet. Driving a school bus that slides is NOT fun!
I hope all are safe and warm now and have a great rest of the week! Remember only 15 tatting days left till Christmas! :)

Happy Birthday To Me!

Ok a quick note, yes it's my birthday, no I'm not admitting how old I am. I told my 25 yr old son I was only 21. His remark was how was that possible since he was 25. Lol.
I have been making cute little 'bugs' to put on my letters for my thread exchange nothing complicated. A ring of 3ds with lp 2ds and 2 sp 2ds and lp finished with 3 ds clr. Leave a little thread at both ends tie in square knot and you have antennas. Glue on paper cute little bug thing.
I have had alot of well wishers already for my b-day and thank you. I really appreciate it. I hope everyone is enjoying their day as much as I am enjoying mine! :)