Monday, December 14, 2009

The attack of the flu 'bug'-Yuck and a Crane.

This is one bug I really tried to avoid, but I wasn't that lucky:( . So as I sit with all the lovely side affects of it I thought I'd show you my little Cranes.This is one of MANY!(The material is a blue batik I got on ebay.)
I had alot of fun making them and then putting a hole for the hanger to go through. Now to put them in a card along with a candy cane and my gifts for my kids will be done! I chose the Crane because it was cute, but more importantly it was easy for me. It is also a tradition to make Cranes for the Chinese New year for luck and prosperity. I'm not Chinese but the idea is cool so hey, why not?!!
I thought about tatting eyes for them, but that didn't happen. I am working on a snowflake and when its done I'll share.( Better that then the flu!).
Oh yeah, now there are 10 tatting days left to get something done before Christmas! Happy tatting!!! :)


Katie said...

Oh, the crane is beautiful! I just did a bunch of origami envelopes, & while I was searching out patterns saw the fabric origami. It's on my list of things to learn. Thanks for posting about your cranes!

Anonymous said...

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