Monday, June 29, 2009

There's no place like home.

The last leg of the journey. A few very bad pictures of the Sears tower coming into Chicago. When I see the Chicago skyline I know I am almost home. This is done kind of backwards and you get the trip from the the end to the beginning.
All in all it was a great adventure to see some of American history, taste foods that are in different parts of the country and visit family. As someone once said you only go around once so make the best of it! I hope you enjoy my memoirs of my trip!

One of three dish clothes I crocheted on this trip. I only tatted 1 pair of earrings and gave those away before I took a picture. More time was spent walking and site seeing than anything. I left home made gifts to each of our hosts. All in all it was a very fun trip.

The plaque on the spot were the first flight took place. It was very windy at Devil's Hill and there is sand for ground. Some ground cover and alot of little cactus everywhere.

The monument to commentate 100 years of flight at Kitty Hawk, South Carolina. The monument has each date in flights history making moment on each of the stones starting with Wilbur and Orville Wright. There is even a stone to honor the WW contributors to flight. Very cool.

The plaque from the statue. Click on pic to read. You can appreciate the sacrifices made to make this country.

This is the monument from the final battle of the Revolutionary War at Yorktown, Virginia.

The governor's mansion from Colonial Williamsburg. I was surprised to see so many brick homes. It was sooo big and had three buildings attached to the house.

The LL Bean gum boot out the window of the store.(Yes I was VERY involved in the shopping experience there.) This gives you an idea how BIG the store is here. There are different buildings through the town for all the different departments they have. This is the hunting and fishing building.

Becki living her life long dream to stand in the ocean in Maine. The weather was perfect and Maine was absolutely wonderful! The ocean is as lovely as it looks in the picture. Now I have been to as far east as you can go and as far west as you can go. ( Seen both oceans-each is spectacular)

These are some roses and daisies at Ben and Jerry's. They had a lovely garden of flowers all over the hill the factory sits on.

Here is a gorgeous waterfall on the way to Ben and Jerry's in Waterbury, Vermont.

The first part of journey took us to Kirtland, Ohio to see the Kirtland Temple. We are BIG history buffs in my house and we like historical landmarks.(I have pics of a few). Kirtland was nice, but it was humid. The grounds were lovely-sorry no pics of the flowers.
Thanks for sharing my journey through a little bit of Americana. Ta Ta for now.
Ps. Click on the pics and you get a better view of them! :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy trails to me.

Here is the ocean in Popham Maine.
Looking at pics of the trip it is hard to believe tomorrow we head back. It has been a very nice trip minus the two times we almost got killed by stupid drivers.(don't ask).
I was happy to see baby brother and his family, my nephew and his 3 year old twins and of course to be in Carbondale were Bec went to school.
Bec played in the Atlantic ocean, the York river and a giant gum boot at L.L. Bean. We had our lobster, lots of Sonic cherry limeade, and homemade brownies. Drove thru several mountain ranges and had some beautiful scenery. All in all it has been a good time and we are still all alive!Lol. But going home sounds really good now-miss hubbie, own bed, and of course Ozzy and Harriet.
I promise more pics later. Ta Ta for now.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boldly going where I've never been before...

Becki and me. Still fresh and spunky!
Ok. So I don't have alot of pics yet, but for the last week I've: had a lobster roll in Maine, seen the ocean in that part of the world, been to Ben and Jerry's in Vermont-yum ice cream, spent way too much money at LL Beans(cool store), tried to visit Goose Pond, and visited family.
Williamsburg was cool-not temp wise-I was expecting wooden cabins but the houses are mostly brick. I was hot in shorts I couldn't imagine long dresses w/ petite coats!
Today we head for Kentucky after spending the night in Tenn. to visit more family and eat more taste treats!:)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

All my bags are packed. I'm ready to go...

The big day is almost here. Leaving at 3 a.m. and we have had NO fatalities as we packed the car, take down the tent, roll all the sleeping bags.........yeah NOT yet. So hope all of you have a fun summer and will be blogging you in a couple of weeks!:)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Count Down!

Maine here we come! OK so the pic is not Maine- but hey it is an Ocean. Just the wrong end of the country! :)-
Fun in the car............ going across the eastern front......... seeking out new adventures and life forms on or never ending journey thru the fun states!
OK so I'm pumped.
Going to hit Ben & Jerrys. Going to a yarn/supply store -YES! Going to 'drop' in on family. Going to get berries. Going to be sick and tired of car ride-but loving every minute!
Got tent. Got sleeping bags. Zune is charged and I have my tatting! What more could I want!( besides chocolate). Will post pics for all you fun seeking people when I get back. By the way the pic is Bellingham Bay in Bellingham , Washington. Taken from the Ferry on the way to Alaska. Ta ta for now.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yeah! School's almost done!

Yes it is hard to believe school is done tomorrow! And the Becki trip is only 6 days away. 6 days away from another adventure with my fav traveling partner!

I tie-dyed 10 T-shirts and will help Becki dye her own shirt tonight. I haven't finished Beth's dragon but I am working on it (along with earrings, a doily and something else). My camera is MIA so I don't have pics. So I need to beg Bec to let me use her camera so I can show all my little projects.

My husband and I have been sleeping out in a tent since Becki has been home(too many people not enough beds!) All I can say is- yeah. I forgot how loud nature is at night. You don't notice all the noise when you are indoors. And the bathroom is alot harder to get to. But I like to camp and on the Becki trip we will be doing alot of that! (cheaper then motels!Lol.)
I can almost taste the Vermont maple syrup, the Ben and Jerrys and the fresh Maine lobster--yummmmmmmmm.
Hope all of you there in blog land have a great time in your adventures! :)-