Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yeah! School's almost done!

Yes it is hard to believe school is done tomorrow! And the Becki trip is only 6 days away. 6 days away from another adventure with my fav traveling partner!

I tie-dyed 10 T-shirts and will help Becki dye her own shirt tonight. I haven't finished Beth's dragon but I am working on it (along with earrings, a doily and something else). My camera is MIA so I don't have pics. So I need to beg Bec to let me use her camera so I can show all my little projects.

My husband and I have been sleeping out in a tent since Becki has been home(too many people not enough beds!) All I can say is- yeah. I forgot how loud nature is at night. You don't notice all the noise when you are indoors. And the bathroom is alot harder to get to. But I like to camp and on the Becki trip we will be doing alot of that! (cheaper then motels!Lol.)
I can almost taste the Vermont maple syrup, the Ben and Jerrys and the fresh Maine lobster--yummmmmmmmm.
Hope all of you there in blog land have a great time in your adventures! :)-

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LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

What a happy post! Take lots of pics on your Becki trip!