Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy trails to me.

Here is the ocean in Popham Maine.
Looking at pics of the trip it is hard to believe tomorrow we head back. It has been a very nice trip minus the two times we almost got killed by stupid drivers.(don't ask).
I was happy to see baby brother and his family, my nephew and his 3 year old twins and of course to be in Carbondale were Bec went to school.
Bec played in the Atlantic ocean, the York river and a giant gum boot at L.L. Bean. We had our lobster, lots of Sonic cherry limeade, and homemade brownies. Drove thru several mountain ranges and had some beautiful scenery. All in all it has been a good time and we are still all alive!Lol. But going home sounds really good now-miss hubbie, own bed, and of course Ozzy and Harriet.
I promise more pics later. Ta Ta for now.