Thursday, June 11, 2009

Count Down!

Maine here we come! OK so the pic is not Maine- but hey it is an Ocean. Just the wrong end of the country! :)-
Fun in the car............ going across the eastern front......... seeking out new adventures and life forms on or never ending journey thru the fun states!
OK so I'm pumped.
Going to hit Ben & Jerrys. Going to a yarn/supply store -YES! Going to 'drop' in on family. Going to get berries. Going to be sick and tired of car ride-but loving every minute!
Got tent. Got sleeping bags. Zune is charged and I have my tatting! What more could I want!( besides chocolate). Will post pics for all you fun seeking people when I get back. By the way the pic is Bellingham Bay in Bellingham , Washington. Taken from the Ferry on the way to Alaska. Ta ta for now.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

It sounds like a wonderful time! Enjoy a little Ben & Jerry's for me, will you? Can't wait to see your pics!

yarnplayer said...

Have a great vacation! Looks like a beautiful spot in the photo.

Linda said...

I am from Maine and was there just 3 weeks ago! I love going back to visit. I go to the Portland area where my family lives. What part are you traveling to?

Joansie said...

I'm from Southern Maine originally and my heart is still there. I love, love, love Maine. Hope you are having a good time, depleting the lobster population and enjoying fried clams, the ocean and much more.