Monday, January 31, 2011

SNOW, Snow, snow!

Well the weather man said we it was coming and right now it is snowing. We are suppose to get 16-24 inches of the white stuff, then temps are suppose to drop. The joys of living in the Midwest. I'm so ready for all the bad weather around the world to stop!
Day 5 TIAS.
On a tatting note, here are pictures of day 5, 6 and 7.  So the little guy is coming along and I still have no idea. I think Jane has a weird sense of humor and we all will have a great laugh at what it really is. Last year I ended up with a green and orange rooster! I really like the colors and hope it looks good on "UFO".( name I gave it, not for unfinished but for unidentified object! lol.)
Day 6 TIAS
And day 7 below.
Day 7 TIAS.

So with some luck we can get a snow day out of this! If not it will be slow driving and lots of crazy people out there! Ta Ta for now!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 4 of TIAS and GO BEARS!

Today the rivalry is going again against Bears and Packers( so far Packers 6 Bears 0 at 1st quarter). I am not a big football fan, but I do support the Chicago teams. I don't know how many decades the rivalry has been between these two teams but living on the Ill/Wis boarder there are no fence sitters.
On a tatter's note I have been working on Jane's TIAS and finished day 4 . My guess was a blind mole rat with a  Since there is no such animal I don't think it's that! I know I'm going to have an ahha moment when it 's finally revealed.
(Bears not doing well. Figures.)
Day 4 TIAS
I really like the colors and how they change with this thread. It seems a little twisty , but hasn't been problematic closing rings or anything. I think it was the way I wound it on the shuttle, maybe too much twist.
We have had bitter cold weather and a little snow (2 or so inches) . When it's cold like this school buses really don't heat up well. Friday was -7 below and I had one chilly bus and several cold little guys. I feel bad for them because some of them just don't understand and only know they are cold.
My daughter has been doing some demolition on her bathroom. Previous owners didn't put  the tile up right, nor did they use the right grout or sealed it. Water got behind the tile and now she has mold. It means taking out toilet, dry wall and what ever else she finds. Oh the joys of home ownership! There really should be something that protects the new homeowner.
Front of Becki House.
All in all it is a cute house and in spite of all the headaches that she doesn't really have extra money for. (No that is NOT my school bus) Becki sure likes it and is happy to be in Alaska.
A few fine feathered friends!
And for a parting shot a few winter Flamingos. Hope all are safe and have a great week. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 3 of TIAS! Package from Jane!

oops cut day three TIAS picture off a little.
Well here is my day three TIAS and looking at the others I can tell I've done it right. I think it is a lovely thing-in-a-bob. Still no idea so hoping day 4 will shed some light on it. Of course I'm not holding my breath on that.
A special surprise from Jane.
 Here are few pictures of some cool tatted piece I got yesterday from Jane Eborall in U.K.
A pig bookmark by Jane E.
I fell in love with this pig bookmark and had to get it for my brother-in-law.  He grew up on a homestead and raised pigs, so any time I find a cute pig I get it for him!
Butterfly bookmark by Jane E.
I got this butterfly bookmark for my niece. She would rather read a book than just about anything else( like practice her instruments, do homework, get ready for bed).
Flower bookmark by Jane E.
Sorry for the picture quality, I was using the camera on my cell phone. I just liked this one. I have been waiting 4 weeks for 2 packages that are in 'limbo' in the void between with U.K. and U.S.A. so I got some 'replacements' since I wanted these for Christmas.  I think the intended recipients will be happy as I am with them. I hope all tatters are well in spite of all the bad weather everywhere and happy tatting!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jane is at it again!

Day 1 TIAS.
Well as she promised Jane Eborall is doing it again! No nothing illegal (though gas prices in the Chicago area are a crime!), no she is hosting another TIAS! Last year we did 'Norman the Rooster' this year we are only into day 2 and I have no idea! I love doing TIAS with Jane. There are always new techniques to try, lovely directions clear and concise with great illustrations. Besides it is always fun to work on a mystery!
Above is my day 1 in size 20 Lizbeth's new colors 'Lime Green' and 'Juicy Watermelon'.  The Watermelon color kind of reminds me of Yarnplayer's 'Rhubarb Pie' . I am using my pop-a-bobbin shuttles. The one on the left was a present from Sally Kerson ( whose husband is 'I'm in the garage' and the maker of these shuttles!) Did I mention I REALLY like these shuttles!
Day 2 TIAS.
Here is my day 2 sitting on one of Jane's poke proof pouches( which stores pop-a-bobbin shuttles snug as a bug in a rug).So if you want to play Jane's game catch her here.  This a link to Jane's blog and there are links to her TIAS. So the more who play the game the more fun you will have besides learning some new and cool techniques!
Jim and Grizzly at airport.
 A parting shot  of my hubbie with the one that got Actually this is the largest Kodiak Bear( Grizzly) shot in Alaska. It was over 20 feet tall. Sorry for the angle but it was the only way to get both in the picture. Well I hope that all in tat land are safe and dry, in spite of all the bad weather we have had globally. Tata for now.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

As promised more pictures!

A couple of
Alaska has got to be one of the most beautiful states in the USA. It has the smallest population of any state (less than 700,000 people) and is almost 3 times as big as Texas! It is home to Mt McKinley and has more bears than people! And a lot of ugly Moose!
On the Seward highway south of Anchorage.

On a clear day you can see the mountain range that has Mt. McKinley in it in Denali (150 miles away). We went down the Seward Hwy. to see the inlet and some of the mountains. Anchorage has almost 270,000 people and is one of the largest cities in Alaska.
A mountain near my daughter's subdivision.

A frozen water fall on the side of the mountain. People actually climb theses, why?
By the pictures you can see how clear the skies can be. It was about zero degrees C out this day and warmed up to about 10 degrees. When we left it was 40 degrees in Anchorage and 14 in Chicago.
Downtown Gridwood/ gas station and store. Population about 200. My husband and yes even though it is about 5 degrees  it doesn't feel like that! It feels warmer!
It is a dry cold there so it doesn't chill you to the bone when you go out. Most people wear sweatshirt hoodies!
Clark Middle School were my daughter works. This typical of schools in Anchorage.

In the school my daughter works there about 1200 middle school age children (6-8 grade).
On the road toward downtown. Silver building is part of the downtown.

All of Anchorage is earth quake proof. Their last earth quake was 5 something on the scale and Becki felt it. They get earth quakes more often than you would think. These are a few of the mason buildings we saw. Most houses and buildings are wood.
Well I hope you enjoyed a quick look at some of my adventures in Alaska. Until next time, happy tatting! :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Visiting was great, but home is better!

Flora (?) in Lizabeth size 20.

Heartflurry in another Lizabeth size 20.
Janua in Nitty Gritty.
A star in snowflake hdt.
Safe form of Moose!
Celtic Snowflake in size 10 snowflake hdt.
Mt. McKinley(in back ground) from the inlet at Anchorage.

I had a great with my daughter in Alaska( will post my scenic pics later), but it is so nice to be home.
Some high lights- saw a moose( they are big and ugly), had prim rib for Christmas dinner, had fresh Halibut and Scallops , and saw some of the most awesome scenery in the world!
Unfortunately  I did no tatting. The tatting are ornaments I made for Becki's tree.
Will post more later. :)