Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jane is at it again!

Day 1 TIAS.
Well as she promised Jane Eborall is doing it again! No nothing illegal (though gas prices in the Chicago area are a crime!), no she is hosting another TIAS! Last year we did 'Norman the Rooster' this year we are only into day 2 and I have no idea! I love doing TIAS with Jane. There are always new techniques to try, lovely directions clear and concise with great illustrations. Besides it is always fun to work on a mystery!
Above is my day 1 in size 20 Lizbeth's new colors 'Lime Green' and 'Juicy Watermelon'.  The Watermelon color kind of reminds me of Yarnplayer's 'Rhubarb Pie' . I am using my pop-a-bobbin shuttles. The one on the left was a present from Sally Kerson ( whose husband is 'I'm in the garage' and the maker of these shuttles!) Did I mention I REALLY like these shuttles!
Day 2 TIAS.
Here is my day 2 sitting on one of Jane's poke proof pouches( which stores pop-a-bobbin shuttles snug as a bug in a rug).So if you want to play Jane's game catch her here.  This a link to Jane's blog and there are links to her TIAS. So the more who play the game the more fun you will have besides learning some new and cool techniques!
Jim and Grizzly at airport.
 A parting shot  of my hubbie with the one that got Actually this is the largest Kodiak Bear( Grizzly) shot in Alaska. It was over 20 feet tall. Sorry for the angle but it was the only way to get both in the picture. Well I hope that all in tat land are safe and dry, in spite of all the bad weather we have had globally. Tata for now.

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Sally Kerson said...

Oh I do like to see the shuttles on a blog, it gives me a thrill to think they have travelled so far. Can't settle to any tatting at the moment so not started Jane's TIAS, may be catch up later.
That is a really clever photo with the bear and your husband - which one is which?!!!!