Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 4 of TIAS and GO BEARS!

Today the rivalry is going again against Bears and Packers( so far Packers 6 Bears 0 at 1st quarter). I am not a big football fan, but I do support the Chicago teams. I don't know how many decades the rivalry has been between these two teams but living on the Ill/Wis boarder there are no fence sitters.
On a tatter's note I have been working on Jane's TIAS and finished day 4 . My guess was a blind mole rat with a  Since there is no such animal I don't think it's that! I know I'm going to have an ahha moment when it 's finally revealed.
(Bears not doing well. Figures.)
Day 4 TIAS
I really like the colors and how they change with this thread. It seems a little twisty , but hasn't been problematic closing rings or anything. I think it was the way I wound it on the shuttle, maybe too much twist.
We have had bitter cold weather and a little snow (2 or so inches) . When it's cold like this school buses really don't heat up well. Friday was -7 below and I had one chilly bus and several cold little guys. I feel bad for them because some of them just don't understand and only know they are cold.
My daughter has been doing some demolition on her bathroom. Previous owners didn't put  the tile up right, nor did they use the right grout or sealed it. Water got behind the tile and now she has mold. It means taking out toilet, dry wall and what ever else she finds. Oh the joys of home ownership! There really should be something that protects the new homeowner.
Front of Becki House.
All in all it is a cute house and in spite of all the headaches that she doesn't really have extra money for. (No that is NOT my school bus) Becki sure likes it and is happy to be in Alaska.
A few fine feathered friends!
And for a parting shot a few winter Flamingos. Hope all are safe and have a great week. :)

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