Monday, January 31, 2011

SNOW, Snow, snow!

Well the weather man said we it was coming and right now it is snowing. We are suppose to get 16-24 inches of the white stuff, then temps are suppose to drop. The joys of living in the Midwest. I'm so ready for all the bad weather around the world to stop!
Day 5 TIAS.
On a tatting note, here are pictures of day 5, 6 and 7.  So the little guy is coming along and I still have no idea. I think Jane has a weird sense of humor and we all will have a great laugh at what it really is. Last year I ended up with a green and orange rooster! I really like the colors and hope it looks good on "UFO".( name I gave it, not for unfinished but for unidentified object! lol.)
Day 6 TIAS
And day 7 below.
Day 7 TIAS.

So with some luck we can get a snow day out of this! If not it will be slow driving and lots of crazy people out there! Ta Ta for now!

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Sally Kerson said...

Please keep the snow over there! Really don't want it back again in England as we are so unprepared for the white stuff and when we get it life comes to an absolute standstill, which is okay until you have to go somewhere. Um UFO - I am saying no more!!!