Monday, January 3, 2011

Visiting was great, but home is better!

Flora (?) in Lizabeth size 20.

Heartflurry in another Lizabeth size 20.
Janua in Nitty Gritty.
A star in snowflake hdt.
Safe form of Moose!
Celtic Snowflake in size 10 snowflake hdt.
Mt. McKinley(in back ground) from the inlet at Anchorage.

I had a great with my daughter in Alaska( will post my scenic pics later), but it is so nice to be home.
Some high lights- saw a moose( they are big and ugly), had prim rib for Christmas dinner, had fresh Halibut and Scallops , and saw some of the most awesome scenery in the world!
Unfortunately  I did no tatting. The tatting are ornaments I made for Becki's tree.
Will post more later. :)

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