Friday, December 12, 2014

Finished a tatting order.

All of these patterns are from Marilee Rockley's tatting books and patterns that can be found on Craftsy. 
The first picture is "Carnival " found in Tatted Jewerly purplished by Annie's Attic. The thread is Lizbeth size 20. Most of the beads came from Micheals.
The leaf done in HDT Sugar Maple by Marilee. The pattern is found on her Etsy/Craftsy shop.
The pink pair are also from Tatted Jewelry and is called Keyed Up. The thread is also Lizbeth.
The tan pair is Glamore in Tatted Jewerly. The pearls are from a bead shop in Brookfield, Wis.
Boomerang  pattern is found in Marilee's new book Beaded Tatting Finery.The beads are opal and thread is Lizbeth.
The feather earrings are also in Beaded Tatting Finery.
Yes I have been busy.

I wish there was lots of money  in tatting. You are poorly paid for time it takes to do. But I had fun and the person who bought them as gifts loved all of them.