Saturday, September 15, 2012

Still alive and having adventures!

I did not drop off the face of earth just have been busy. After getting back from Alaska the rest of summer has been hot, hot and more hot. Without a/c it was very hot. I tatted a little and signed up for Tat Days.
Oh Tat Days was great!
from my roomie Karey Solomon
Karey Solomon was my roommate add she is amazing. That is one of the fantastic things about Tat Days you meet alot of people that you have books from and are just beautiful people. Did you know Karey plays in a band? I didn't know until last wekend. She is an amazingly tatlented lady.
This some of Gina Brummet's tatting. Her daughter Laurie and sister where there and set up a display of some Gina's work. She was a very talented and sweet lady and will be missed.
This is a little flower made by Marie Smith that she gave us personally at Tat Days. I sat next to Georgia Seitz in my class from Nina . Georgia was very gracious and helped me understand Nina's pattern. I learned Nina's way to do Beanille lace and beaded pearl tatting.
Did I finish any of my class projects no-did I learn a lot YES!
Riet and Jane.
Yes we had time to sit and pick the minds of the great ones! Riet taught us a great song in Dutch as part of the night owl class. We made owls for the State fair and got a little owl from Riet.
They feed us well. The center has a chef to prepare the meals. This is a picture of some the happy tatters at breakfast.
This one of the Shuttle Brothers shuttles that Chris and Randy Houtz make.This one is mine. Had Randy in one of the classes I took from Jane. He taught me how to use his shuttles. A funny little thing he told me I looked like and remindered him  of his sister, but that she was taller. Actually most of the people there where taller than me. :)
I will have to carry on later so till then Ta Ta.