Friday, October 5, 2012

On with life!

To say I have been blessed is an understatement. First I met some of the greatest minds and talent at Tat Days. I had the opportunity to learn from them and I had never been anywhere where there were so many tatters in one room!!!
Next I recieved some of the nicest gifts from friends, old and new. Tatters are truely the most generous people out there. So I did finish one of my projects.
This is Jane Eborall's lion from her Zoo collection. I struggled with the flamingo in class and had his tail coming out of his stomach! But when I got home and it was quieter I was able to concentrate to do both. That just means Jane's class was a hoot and there was so much going on I guess I didn't pay attention to where I was joining. All the patterns are available on the cd that Palmetto Tatters has on their web site. .
Classes I took. 
They where very organized there and we all got folders that had our schedule, patterns and a cool bag filled with goodies.
My flamingo still needing all the threads sewn in. For those who notice yes he is in Ecru. He is going on our guild Christmas tree. And no tail coming out of his stomach!
These lovely ladies are Cheryl (in the middle) and Sue (God's kid) who joined us from Michigan for our Tollway Tatters. It was super to meet them and I love their tie dyed shirts!

The other end of the table with Marilee doing her thing and showing Cheryl and Sue a technique, Diane working on her doodles, and grand daughter Ava next to her.
If you live in Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Indiana or Michigan come join us! Email me or Diane privately and we will give you details when and where we meet! Of course anyone from everywhere can come and join in.
Ava holding Alison's first snowflake!

Donna who made Tat Days great and one of the many to make them happen!
This is the last time Chris Horton shuttles will be available because his laser broke. Here are the shuttles from Tat Days. They were beautiful.
Well thanks to all who have stopped by. And if you get a chance wish Jane Eborall a happy birthday today!
Ta Ta for now.