Thursday, October 30, 2008

Almost the Weekend! Yeah!

Here is my first "celtic" attempt at Tammy Roger's Maple leaf pattern. There are no tatting mistakes only celtic interwinding mistakes. I tried to take pictures of my dragons and it hasn't worked out yet. The thread is from Yarnplayer at Esty.
Becki has been delayed several times because of weather. They have had 60 mile and hour winds and a foot of snow. Only Becki could get excited with snow in October. The concert went well though and her student had a great time! ( This will excite other students for next year to do it)
Here it is the last day of my work week and yeah! I didn't have my regular route for two days and I feel sorry for thier regular driver half days and changes cause the children seating challenges!( What part of sit don't they get)

Well it is time to get to work so TaTa for now!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Daughter adventures

Well my daughter is in alaska and doesn't think I was very creative in my blog name. Sure get critical- her dad suggested the name. That tells you that I haven't done this as much as she.

Becki is enjoying Haines, Alaska with her student for Honors Band. She talks about snow and how lovely it is there. There it is lovely- here in Illinois it isn't. I think she forgets all the "fun" driving in it there is.

I'm proud of her adventuring out in the last frontier there is. I think it is in her blood. My family way back were adventures (pioneers) and so were her father's people. I spent time living in Australia and her father lived in Germany,Austria an Switzerland for a time before we met.

In fact it was an adventure getting her to Alaska. Did I mention we drove a 14 foot fully loaded to the gills U- Haul to Bellingham, Wa. (4 day drive) and then spent 37 hours on a inner passage ferry to Ketchikan and another 1 1/2 hour ferry to Metlakatla, Alaska? That wouldn't have been too bad but to get to Washington there are several steep mountain ranges you drive thru and I don't really like water or winding roads much. I do recommend Mount Rushmore. The pictures just don't convey the feeling of patriotism one feels at the foot of that mountain. You stand there in wonder and it is very emotional. The view is breath taking.

By the time we made it to where Becki was to live, I was almost adventured out for one trip. You can almost walk the entire village in one day, but it has a spectactular view of the ocean. ( To see more go to Becki's Blog "Life as I know it" at and see her pictures.) It is nice to still "live" thru your children's adventures without leaving home. Thank you google! Well there will be time for more, and I'm sure Becki will keep all of us entertained with her adventures. TaTa for now!

Sunday Morning

Here it is another day to thank God to be alive. I just read my daughter's blog and decide that I wasn't teched challenge enough so here I am writing a blog.

I have had to cope with Becki moving away, oldest son marrying, and all the other changes that happen as you age. Oh yeah, they forgot to put in the "getting older" handbook about all those aches and pains that just suddenly show up. Or how about the failing eyesight( computer screens don't seem to help.) Or that there are not enough hours in the day.

I can only say I am proud of how my children have turned out. Becki seems to enjoy Alaska and is learning the world of being responsible. My son James and his wife are expecting their first child next summer, and I haven't the heart to tell them babies don't come with instruction books and their is no way to be prepared for parenthood.(It is a fun and exciting ride with alot of twists and turns that are all well worth it!)

My work keeps me driving around in circles- literally, and the weekend is just not long enough! I did finish my first tatted dragon and an working on Halloween decorations( not like waiting to the end). Yes tatting is a passion and I am surprised at the number of people who do it. As soon as I figure out how to add pictures I do load some of my work( taking picture BEFORE giving it away would help). From Illionis all I can say is enjoy the day because you never know what tomorrow will bring!