Thursday, October 30, 2008

Almost the Weekend! Yeah!

Here is my first "celtic" attempt at Tammy Roger's Maple leaf pattern. There are no tatting mistakes only celtic interwinding mistakes. I tried to take pictures of my dragons and it hasn't worked out yet. The thread is from Yarnplayer at Esty.
Becki has been delayed several times because of weather. They have had 60 mile and hour winds and a foot of snow. Only Becki could get excited with snow in October. The concert went well though and her student had a great time! ( This will excite other students for next year to do it)
Here it is the last day of my work week and yeah! I didn't have my regular route for two days and I feel sorry for thier regular driver half days and changes cause the children seating challenges!( What part of sit don't they get)

Well it is time to get to work so TaTa for now!


Becki said...

I can't help it that I'm excited by snow.

yarnplayer said...

Very pretty leaf!
Looking forward to seeing more of your work!