Sunday, October 26, 2008

Daughter adventures

Well my daughter is in alaska and doesn't think I was very creative in my blog name. Sure get critical- her dad suggested the name. That tells you that I haven't done this as much as she.

Becki is enjoying Haines, Alaska with her student for Honors Band. She talks about snow and how lovely it is there. There it is lovely- here in Illinois it isn't. I think she forgets all the "fun" driving in it there is.

I'm proud of her adventuring out in the last frontier there is. I think it is in her blood. My family way back were adventures (pioneers) and so were her father's people. I spent time living in Australia and her father lived in Germany,Austria an Switzerland for a time before we met.

In fact it was an adventure getting her to Alaska. Did I mention we drove a 14 foot fully loaded to the gills U- Haul to Bellingham, Wa. (4 day drive) and then spent 37 hours on a inner passage ferry to Ketchikan and another 1 1/2 hour ferry to Metlakatla, Alaska? That wouldn't have been too bad but to get to Washington there are several steep mountain ranges you drive thru and I don't really like water or winding roads much. I do recommend Mount Rushmore. The pictures just don't convey the feeling of patriotism one feels at the foot of that mountain. You stand there in wonder and it is very emotional. The view is breath taking.

By the time we made it to where Becki was to live, I was almost adventured out for one trip. You can almost walk the entire village in one day, but it has a spectactular view of the ocean. ( To see more go to Becki's Blog "Life as I know it" at and see her pictures.) It is nice to still "live" thru your children's adventures without leaving home. Thank you google! Well there will be time for more, and I'm sure Becki will keep all of us entertained with her adventures. TaTa for now!

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