Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Playing with cute little bugs!

I was having way too much fun driving in the snow on my routes this afternoon, so I thought what could I do to my cute little bug and this is what I got.( 3 are just plain the other is my 'mutant' bug. I think I've seen some of these guys eating on my bushes this summer.) Why not make the big picot a double picot and see how it looks. The picture is above is the results. I notice on my second double I didn't get my joining thread all the way down so that side will be glued in place on the card. It is obvious I have tooo much time on my hands and am just tooo excited about my first thread exchange. Sometimes simple is the best. But you be the judge.
Winter has decided to come to northern Illinois. We have had freezing rain followed by snow followed by temps dropping followed by wind. OK so I like snow, but not with ice under it or up to 40 mph winds or sleet. Driving a school bus that slides is NOT fun!
I hope all are safe and warm now and have a great rest of the week! Remember only 15 tatting days left till Christmas! :)

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