Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Playing with split rings...

I have been playing with split rings and thought I share with you some of my fun I have been having! My first pic is the center for '4 Ring Snowflake' by Wendy Durell( ). Problem, I ran out of thread on one of my shuttles so there are only 5 sets instead of 6. This sample done up in size 40 lizbeth thread 'Angel's Love'.( About the size of a quarter.) Done as double shuttle split rings with 2 shuttles.
Next is the body of the 'Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon' pattern by Anne Bruvold 2008. (Don't remember were I got this pattern from, best bet google.) Single shuttle split rings. So what DO you find easier to do double shuttle :(- or single shuttle :) split rings?! I obviously like single better, but both really make tatting fun! (Thread is size 20 I think Lizbeth, don't remember color number, sorry.) The dragon body is about 6-7 inches long. I threw in a crocheted snowflake I made a couple of years ago, to give it a little more Christmas feeling! This pattern makes a lovely 5 inch snowflake with bedspread weight crochet thread.

I have tatted no new snowflakes for Christmas yet. :( I have had a touch of the flu followed by a lovely sinus infection that has kept me up for 5 days. No fun. And if I could stop coughing long enough I'd finish Wendy's pattern! This has put a crimp in my Christmas gift making. Truffles, marshmallow creme and fudge are all waiting for me. I'm just waiting for the antibiotics to start to work so I I have enjoyed sharing my small success with the split rings. More and more patterns use them and they are really handy to get from one round to the next without cutting and hiding ends!
Hope all have a safe and happy Holidays and kept those shuttles flying!:)

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❦TattingChic said...

YAY! Split rings are fun, aren't they! Isn't it wonderful to have a place to share your new tatting fun? I always enjoy that about blogland. You see in "real life land" no one gets the whole tatting thing! It's sad, but here, I have lot's of tatting friends to "play" with!