Sunday, October 18, 2009

More fall leaves.

This is a 'Maple leaf' pattern originally in a Workbasket but diagrammed and fixed by Tammy Rodgers, done in a size 80 in 'Sugar Maple' by Yarnplayer(link to her in side tool bar). I don't remember what web site I got pattern. I think Georgia Seitz had it under maple leaves. Anyways, I remembered why I really didn't like size 80 thread. (You mean besides the fact that if you pull a little too hard when you close rings it breaks or was it because it is so easy to get a small knot in it that you don't see until you try to close your work.) But I have other little projects I want to do and size 50 is too big for some of my earring patterns.

The above picture is to give you some idea of size of this pattern compared to a quarter and size 10 in the same thread. I haven't decided if my leaf pattern is too big for earrings(too wide actually), so I was thinking doing the clover with a ring on either side and a short stem. Something to play with. If it doesn't work out I'll send it to LadySuttleMaker for her art project as a 'bit'.
On a brighter note I have become the proud owner of several patterns from Battytatter (Carol Amich) and Yarnplayer(Marilee Rockley). You will have to be patient till I tat some of them. I also found someone who designs quilt designs in tatting. Yes all I need is 48 hours in a day!Lol. Never enough time for hobbies.
Speaking of hobbies I think I'll 'practice' some more with size 80 thread! TaTa for now :)

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❦TattingChic said...

Your fall leaves are nice. Isn't it nice to know we have a place to send our tatting mistakes so they will be put to good use? I just need to remember to save them for Sherry instead of trash them, LOL! The quarter is such a good way to show the size comparison. I wish there was a more international way. I suppose the measuring tape works too with the centimeter side since most of our international friends use metrics instead of our old fashioned inchy system, LOL! Don't mind me I am "thinking" out loud for my own future reference...I am not telling you how to show off your size reference, LOL! The quarter looks great!