Thursday, October 22, 2009

'Lacy Treasures' with Lizabeth Thread.

Below is a very lonely little Angel earring I tatted with Yarnplayer's hdt- can't remember the color but do know it is a size 50. I haven't stiffened it yet because my husband helped my by picking up my stiffy and I still haven't found it! (Beads are from DS9Designs at ) These are Lizabeth thread # 117 size 20 and the pattern is Yarnplayer's "Lacy Treasure" available in her Etsy store. It is suppose to be a pendant and when Handy Hands has Lizabeth thread available in size 10 I will make a matching pendant from it. These are more earring size so that is what they will become. After all you can't have enough earrings!

This is another pair of earrings done in size 20 purple Lizabth thread. This is also a Yarnplayer pattern "Quadrille". I did these last summer and still haven't stiffened them. I think you can still get the pattern at her Etsy store. I really like Marilee's earring patterns and Jon's snowflake patterns. I also like a lot of other people's patterns. And if I can be honest I kind of have an obsession with collecting tatting patterns. I have close to 50 or so tatting books and hundreds (literally) printed patterns. I have 40-60 crochet books and dozens of knitting, Batik, Tye-die and weaving books. You might say I have my own little private library of books. Oh and lets not forget my collection of cook books, cake decorating books besides all the fiction and non fiction. OK I could have my own library-LOL. But someone has to have a reference center right? I have been collecting books for 40 years and I know that some patterns would be gone if someone like me didn't keep track of them .One day I will organize it all and label it so it can be easily accessed. Just NOT today.LOL. Well all good things must come to and I need to get this on the web so I can get some other projects done. So TaTa for now. Smile, someone will think you are up to something!:)-
P.S. all the long beads are fairy daggers from DS9designs.


❦TattingChic said...

cute earrings!

Fox said...

Sweet! And I love a fellow book junkie!
Fox : ))

Anonymous said...

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yarnplayer said...

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