Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We are having a heat wave!

Anyone who lives in the Midwest know heat and humidity = awesome sweet. At the rate we have had our latest run on high heat index days we should have bushes and bushes of lovely sweet corn. lol. I do not have air conditioning except in the bedroom, so the heat slows me way down. To do anything strenuous means total wipe out and end up in the bedroom to bring core temp. down. But it hasn't stopped me from working on my tatting.
My motif for Lighthouse Lacers.
 So my lace group (Lighthouse Lacers) is doing a tatting round robin. This is my entry. Jane made a suggestion since it starts with SCMR in doing a SR for the last ring . I haven't  tried it that way since the  motif would make a cute snowflake. I do have to give credit to Jon Yusoff for the center as it is inspired by her snowflake. And since it is similar to hers I don't think I can share a pattern for it legally as she has it published in "Tatted Snowflakes".
I have a very nice one that when I get my row done I'll share, until than anyone with a connection with the powers that be to cool the temps down please help! lol :)


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I've had it with the heat. I'm so glad it's cooler tonight. However, the sweet corn has been terrific!

Sharon D. said...

I to have had it with the heat. I cannot wait for fall to get here. Is cooler today Now we need rain. Now if the weeds would just stop growing so I could stay in the house all day.