Saturday, August 27, 2011

Life Happens

Like Diane (lace lovin librarian) I have had school start and have been busy with that. Also I have had a little tragedy hit my own family. Nothing severe but enough to shake up my life some. My sister in law who is very active and in great shape suffered a mild stroke while running in a 10k race. She is doing better but it is hard on her young family and us. As you can see by the picture her girls are adorable, but they are lively!
The Scribner girls!
The youngest one is 3 and does not understand why mommy isn't there when she wakes up in the morning. The next youngest started kindergarten this year and the oldest middle school.
Life will change for everyone when mommy does come home, but I have faith she will be completely healed. It is only going to take time!
On a tatting note I am working on several things. Below I did and wrote down my center for the doily and made a snowflake out of it. I did it in 'Rhubarb Pie' size 20 by Marilee aka Yarnplayer.
Motif center.

I changed the  stitch count on this version and it is too close to the start of one of Jon Yusoff's patterns that I don't feel comfortable writing it down here to share without talking to her first. That is fair to her and me. I don't need to make enemies with anyone.
I am helping a friend with her pattern and need to work a little harder this week on it. It has been fun to do. Hope to get back to her next week with all my comments.
So this has been the week of break downs too. Son's car died just helped out with buying new car. Ouch. My car needs to be replaced so does husbands. It is like when it rains it pours. lol.
Oh well it all works out in the end.
New motif that I am to do 3rd round.

So here is a pic of my next project. I get to design the third round for this doily. I'm thinking maybe a little Celtic thing with it . We shall see. Well time to run :)


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Your sister-in-law remains in my prayers. The girls are adorable! I'm sure this is all difficult for them, but I know you are doing your best to help them through it all. If there's anything I can do, you know I'm only a phone call (and two hours) away!

I love the center of your doily! I'm very impressed. Lately, I haven't even been able to follow patterns correctly. I must be on mental overload!

Ooh! A celtic round 3... can't wait!

Jane Eborall said...

Pleased to hear that your SIL is making progress even though it's slow. Can't wait to hear that she's home again.
The tatting looks great and will keep you sane if you can find time to do it between work and helping out your family.

Gina said...

Many good wishes to your sister-in-law. It does turn everything upside down.

That last doily...oooh, perfect clunies! How do you manage that? I have to start practicing clunies again for my T.A.T. course and I keep procrastinating.