Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer break nearing end. :(

Well I go back to work in one week, what happened to summer break? Ok so I worked 5 weeks of it, got to participate in my first Pioneer Days in Kenosha, met some tatting 'Godesses' (Diane-Lace loving librarian, Gina-Threads of a tatting Godess), went to my first Lace days, road trip to Cincinnatti for the day with Diane to meet up with Jane Eborall, had visit from Alaskan daughter, did the fair and actually did some tatting!!
My first 'spinning wheel' in Autumn Spice.
One of the pieces I worked on May into June was the 'Spinning Wheel Mat' from Mary Konior' s "Tatting With Visual Patterns".  The book doesn't tell you that you need two shuttles or that you switch shuttles to do the end turn rows. Diane and I had a discussion about that. What you can't tell unless you look close is all the cut and ties. Until I figured the pattern, there are several. My second one I am still working on( that Jane unpicked my boo boos on) is still not done. There are not a lot of cut and ties ( decided to unpick) just where I had to join more thread.
My part of the round robin piece for Lighthouse Lacers.

The next project I had was to design a second round for a motif we are doing a round robin in my lace group. The center was done by Barb Gorden a very talented lace maker and lady who is working with me on learning bobbin lace. (Oh yeah I'm learning bobbin lace this summer too!) My round I did in Lizbeth 'Easter Eggs' size 20. The color is darker in appearance than it actually is. I need to write down what I did. I am going to suggest we each send a sheet with the pattern so we can each have a copy of all the finished round robins.
Summer has gone by and fall with more mild temperatures will be quickly behind. Once again all my good intentions of cleaning, exercising and weeding have fallen to the way side. Oh well before long there will be snow covering the weeds, winter break to be ambitious about cleaning and tomorrow to get up early and exercise.(ha ha)
As a post script: the disturbed lady from earlier post broke off all my raspberry plants so no more raspberries this year. I will have to go in and mow down to 4" so next year than can come up again. It took me 4 years to get my plants to be were there are now.  And this was a good year for berries! Ugh! Life is always exciting at my house. :)


Fox said...

Your round robin piece is very pretty.
Fox : )

Kathy Niklewicz said...

That was a pretty amazing summer agenda! Definitely fantastic to meet up with Gina, Diane and Jane! And Pioneer Days had to be fun, plus a Fair!

Great colors on the Spinning Wheel Mat. I had to get out my box of Lizbeth thread to see if I have Autumn Spice, and I do! I'm quite surprised that it takes two shuttles! I guess I didn't think Mary had any patterns in Visual Patterns that required two shuttles. I've never tried this pattern but want to!

Really sorry about your raspberry bushes. That 'wandering lady' story is actually quite scary.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over! I've been back to school working on my room this week, leaving tatting until the evening when I'm too tired to tat.

It has been a wonderful summer, and I'm so glad to have had time to spend with tatting/blogging friends. I'm especially glad to have gotten to know you better!

Suztats said...

I love your 'spinning wheel' and the thread you chose. I'll have to get me some Autumn Spice.
The RR doily is looking fine.

Sally Kerson said...

Keep admiring the spinning wheel pattern on other blogs but yours in Autumn Spice is really lovely. Thanks for the hints on the shuttles, must try to work it one day as the effect is stunning.

Anonymous said...

I am a bobbin lacer that has just started tatting. It did intrigue me and I was going to London this past spring, so I wanted to take a craft with me. Those bobbin lace pillows, bobbins and pins just would not make it through security. LOL

Love the spinning wheel pattern. I only needle tat now.