Thursday, January 7, 2010

New HDT and Day 1 TIAS Done!

Yes I got some lovely hdt from Marilee. I picked it up from the post today. It is Yarnplayer's new color 'Celery' and I got several skeins.

You can see it tats like a dream in this picture. I had one of those 'ah ha' moments( actually I re-read the directions) and it actually worked!lol. Funny how just reading how you are suppose to do something it just turns out that way.

This last pic was my first attempt at Jane Eborall ( ) new TIAS. Visit her blog and there is a link to instructions and TIAS pattern. For those who don't know what a TIAS is = Tat It And See. You get a piece of the total pattern and then see if you can figure of what it is. But Jane doesn't want you to spoil it by telling everyone. Just tell her. A link to her email is there also so you can share, ask questions and guess. The middle pic is my day 1 done in 'Celery' size 20. I liked how the 'Celery' POPS out at you better than the original one done in Lizbeth thread 'Angel Love' size 20.
I had fun with this so far and see lots of room for improvement.I appreciate talented people who can come up with such fun ideas. I can see them in strange colors, but don't have much more of an imagination to invent. I'll have to get more comfortable with it. I'd like to do a whole bird themed idea. There are patterns for Parrots, but none that I found for the smallest member of the Snell Parrot group- Budgies(also know as parakeets). Maybe someday.... Well have a great week, me I'm personally doing a 'Snow Day' dance because I really hate driving a school bus when there is alot of snow falling. Illinois there is a joke about snow removal, they wait until it stops snowing to plow! Yes it is as fun to drive in as it sounds-not! :)

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