Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anniversary, Lighthouse Lacers and Snowflakes!

Last Saturday was not only my 31st wedding anniversary, but my first meeting with the Lighthouse Lacers! A couple of weeks ago Marilee (aka Yarnplayer) had invited me to come. My husband came with me since the meeting was at a library( his home away from home) and we went for a nice drive and tasty cheeseburger later.
The ladies at the meeting where just wonderful and so many of them do so many other kinds of lace other than tatting. I wish I could say I have all their names memorized, but I don't! It takes me a couple of weeks to get all my kids on my bus right. lol. One new member was bobbin lace making and it was more fun to watch her than my own tatting. There were some lovely bookmarks made by one of the ladies there and I can see I have a ways to go on perfecting my techniques.

"Celeste' by Yarnplayer.
The necklace (sorry for bad picture) was my anniversary present that I picked out. It is a lovely blue (I think 'Aqua Bay' ) with beautiful blue beads. Those of you who saw this in Marilee's Etsy shop will remember it.  I'll try for a better picture. 
"Janus' from 'Tatted Flurries'

This is 'Janus' made with Yarnplayer ' Med Aqua' . Pattern from Sharon Brigg's new book  'Tatted Flurries'  you can get to her blog here. Ordering information and

and cost are available there as well as it is available as a PDF form.
I would like to say that I am reasonable intelligent but as I was doing this pattern ( and almost done) I was re-reading it and it was talking about the second row. I thought second row? Then I realized I had tatted it in complete one row and didn't need to make a split ring to go into the next round. I think I'll try it again and this time actually follow the directions. lol. Oh well what can I say. Until next time and sorry Marilee about my bad picture of your lovely necklace!

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