Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ah Ha! Got it to work!

Marilee and me in front of one of the booths of lovely jewelry for sale. Marilee was wearing jewelry she tatted that had real gold in it. Simply gorgeous. She gave me one of her "Treasure" pendant piece and I bought a couple of earrings- one was hers and another was a cute pair of pink quartz bears. I post those another time.


Sally Kerson said...

It is great to meet other tatters especially Marilee, very clever lady. Pleased you managed to get the picture posted.

yarnplayer said...

Thank you for all the sweet things you said! You are a super nice lady, Sue Anna. Now I see on the map that we are not all that far from each other, so that makes it easier to get together again. Lighthouse Lacers are a great bunch with several tatters in the group, and they meet in Kenosha on Nov. 13. I'll email you the details.