Sunday, November 29, 2009

A new book and the Christmas tatting starts!

A new book always inspires me to get in the Christmas season. And here is a picture of the new book edited by Barbara Foster from Handy Hands at . It has 18 patterns for different snowflakes and motifs that can be pinned on satin covered balls. The directions are easy to follow and there are diagrams. The pictures of the finished work are done in color. (No I don't get paid for advertising-I just found this book fun and had some fast and easy, yet pretty snowflakes).

This is my attempt at snowflake #1. OK it's missing a point-so I guess mine is really a star. The directions call for a long picot that the other 5 center rings are going to be joined to. I hate to have too much picot left sooo I didn't make my center picot big enough. Oh well I'm still going to use it on one of my satin balls!:)- I used size 20 in 'Western Sunset' Lizbeth thread. I can say it didn't take long (less time if the telly is off!) and was fairly easy to tat since it really is only 2 rings repeated.I usually avoid things that have thread space-never really get them right. But this wasn't that hard. Maybe I'm just getting better at it, not. Well I need to get back to Sunday dessert making (we are having Raspberry Funny Cake yummm.!) TaTa for now.


❦TattingChic said...

Hi Sue Anna! A new Tatted Snowflake pattern book on the market! WOO HOO! I'm gonna have to get me one of those! It looks like there are some fun patterns there. I love snowflake and heart patterns the best of all tatting patterns.

Have fun with your new book! I look forward to seeing your finished projects!

Anonymous said...

I am new to tatting and our group is having a Christmas in July exhibit to benefit our library... where we meet monthly.
SO being the slow crafter that I am, I have started to make my donations to this cause.

I do like the simplicity of that snowflake pattern.. but I think i would try to see how it looked with chains instead of just the thread. who knows, might look like any other snowflake pattern.

it is still very pretty.. and yes, it is a star for sure.!

Donna said...

I have tatted for 30 years. Cut a rectangle strip of cardboard with a space of 1/8" wide. Use this spacer to make even spaces between
rings. This is used on shuttle only patterns.