Saturday, January 31, 2009

We all die famous in a small town!

Here is a picture of one of my new shuttles from GrizzlyMountainArts from the bottom right)

This is light enough that guess what! I don't drop it! whoopee!

I have been tatting earrings from ds9designs (Deb Arnold) and have been having fun trying to see all those tiny stitches! (size 50 will do that to you). Don't know what I'll do with 10 more pairs of earrings guess I just have to give them away to friends!

The other shuttle is bone from ebay. This is also very light and thin so it fits nicely in my hand. It came from Ireland is hand made. I have this one with another shuttle working on "Entwined Hearts". I'm not having as much luck as I could, but I just plug away.

Now for some exciting news!

On Friday morning at about 1am Met time they where having a spot of bad weather(rain and 85 mph winds). Well the Lituya broke free of it's mooring and grounded on an island of rock in the channel. A view that could be seen from the top floor of the High School. This wouldn't have been so bad but this IS the only transportation on and off Met this time of year and the ferry was damaged. So the other inter-island ferry that comes from Canada has to step up. That ferry only makes one round trip to Ketichan/Metlakatla a day.(there at 9 am and drop off again at 11pm). Not very convenient but hey you get to spend the whole day(literally) at Ketchikan!

How does that saying go-it doesn't just rain it pours? We are hoping that it doesn't take to long to get the Lituya up and running. Met provides bottle water to whole of Alaska and has other things to that they need to keep going to keep their economy going. They do have food and other goods barged in once a week.
The first pic is nice view of the fishing boats and tug boat trying to get it free. The second picture shows a view from the school, probably from a class room.(Believe it or not that ferry is over 100 feet long.)
Well Met made the news and it will be all right just not convenient.TaTa for now!

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TattingChic said...

Lovely shuttles! I've yet to get on of Grizzly Mountain Art's with their woodburned tree on it. I have a beautiful buffalo bone Lady Hoare style one! Aren't their shuttles lovely? Your bone shuttle is nice, too.