Saturday, January 3, 2009

Snowmen. flakes and planes

Here are a few pictures of my Christmas adventures. Pic # 1 is a snowman in 20 flora thread from a pattern by Debbie Arnold. Though the pattern is for shuttle I figured it out for needle tatting and I think he worked out fine. Next to "Frosty" is "Quantiesque" pattern from Jon. This was my first attempt and am working on another. This is done in Flora thread size 10 variegated. The third picture is one of my many crocheted snowflakes I did before Christmas in bedspread thread by DMC. (Way too many of these made this year.) Sorry about picture quality- I used my scanner. But my daughter gave me her old digital that can zoom all I have to do is fine a surface that doesn't reflect the light back.
We got back from dropping Becki at the airport a little while back. I already miss her. Her flight had been canceled on the 21st of December and she had to wait until Christmas Eve to leave Alaska and flew into Chicago on Christmas Day.
It was great to see her and have her home for Christmas. She brought the school tuba to be repaired home with her. The place that fixed it is in Elk Horn, Wis. a stones throw from us almost. And they fixed it in one day. It was cheaper for the school to do this way than to send it to Ketchican, who would ship it to Badger State and they would ship it back. This saved the school over 600 dollars in shipping and 4 ferry trips. Of course for those who don't know a tuba weighs about 50 pounds.( Drag one of these babies through airport some time. Becki has muscles!)
I gave my daughter-in-law a membership to Curves and guess who she has been dragging out to exercise with. This is good for both of us. The only way to get healthy is to move . Of course sewing my mouth shut might help too (so I don't eat everything- low will power. And I still need to get rid of my fudge- too many relative trying to be good!) My goal for this year is 50 lbs. That is only 1 lb a week a very reasonable goal. Of course I need to add leaving desserts and sweets of the menu and add a nice walk daily to the routine. It also helps to get all that lovely water in so that we don't have time to eat all that bad stuff because we will be indisposed so much!
I can't believe it is almost time to go back to work. I do miss my kids I drive and the people I work with. It has just been nice to be home and enjoy my family. Well I hope the New Year brings everyone that needs it blessing and prosperity.TaTa for now.

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TattingChic said...

"Snowmen and snowflakes and planes, OH MY!" Thank you for the lovely pics, Dorothy! LOL! ;)