Friday, January 4, 2013

Warning you to can get hacked!

So I was at the dentist and my phone started going crazy. I had missed call from my daughter who said she got a weird email from me that said I was in the Philippines and in trouble. Well since I was at tollway tatters the day before and she knew she wasn't in Philippines there was something wrong. Well yeah, my email was hacked.
I received and email several weeks ago saying I needed to verify my Yahoo account, by the way if you get such and email delete it. If you follow it you too will get hacked.
First never been to Philippines, second my family are all safe and sound, third I have yet to be mugged and I have been out of the country in my life time. So let me share what happened. All my emails where deleted, gone! All my contacts also are gone. I had emails from my mom and Gina both who have passed, that are gone forever. Fortunately I don't email passwords. And all my important financial accounts seem to be ok.
It is a sad commentary on our society to have all this mischief afoot. Lets not just think of the hour on the phone with my Internet provider to change and fix problem, but that all my personal emails had been compromised.
So if you got a one of those emails from me, I'm sorry I didn't send it. The problem is fixed and hopefully you won't get those kind of emails from me.
Word of warning if it doesn't feel right, don't open it!
Parting shot, some tatting. :)
I did this several years ago and it is on my header. Some day hope to do it again. It is Jon Yusoff's pattern . But tatting heals all wounds!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year and Tollway Tatters

Well another year is here and the Tollway Tatters had our first meeting of the year unfortunately Carol and Barb where not able to join us. But  we did have Alison, Ava and brother join us! So glad holidays are over as it was a busy time. The snowflake is Marilee's new pattern "Marian", and as usual I didn't get far. I got to gift home grown and made hand cream and lip balm to all there. It is with bees wax from our bees! As you can see a great time was had by all. Sorry this is on run on paragraph but blogger and I are not Friends today. Hope this year brings joy, happiness abd more time to tat. Nedd to check Yarnplayer's blog as she worked on a new design. Great to watch a Master at work!