Saturday, April 11, 2009

My tatting results from break and ITD.

Ok here is what I did during spring break- earrings! This lot is 'Encore' and 'Dove' done in 'Roses', 'Snowflake' and Lizbeth thread that is a variegated turquoise and blue. All earrings are a size 20 with the exception of the 'Snowflake' thread which is a 50.
This group (OK it's earring again-SURPRISE!) are all done in 'Peace' hdt by none other than Yarnplayer! The patterns used are from L to R 'Tatted Oval Earrings', "Quadrille' and 'Encore'. 'Dove' and 'Tatted Oval Earrings' are the only patterns not by Marilee.
Yes outside of getting Harriet and Ozzy( once know as Bob) tatting earrings (because you can NEVER have enough earrings) is about all I did. When it gets warmer I get my dye going and start to tie dye things, batik and work on my quilt again. Of course this will in between canning peaches, making corn relish, jams, jellies and tomatoes sauces and salsa! Oh yeah maybe I'll get some work in there too. LOL. :)-


Becki said...

Who's going to be doing all that canning? Last time I checked, I did most of the canning.
Your earrings look good mom. You always have done a nice job. I of course could use another pair of socks and few more dish clothes. By the way, dad needs some more dish clothes too.

TattingChic said...

Your earrings are lovely! Lucky you to have some of Marilee's "peace"! It's such a beautiful thread color. :)

Oh, I wanted to ask; what does "IDT" mean? I know HDT means Hand Dyed Thread, but I have never seen IDT. I looked for the explanation in the post. I've never heard of this one, is it new? Or is it just something old that I've been missing out on, LOL!?

Bonnie said...

Lovely earrings. I like them all, and "peace" is one of my favorite HDTs so I think those ones are exceptionally lovely.

yarnplayer said...

Beautiful job on all these earrings!

Sounds like you have a very busy summer planned. Maybe besides canning the jams and jellies, if you figure out how to put up some "time in a bottle", I'd be first in line to buy some, LOL.