Tuesday, April 14, 2009

For all who waited to the end...

Happy tax day tomorrow. I have a t-shirt that says" Procrastinators Unite, Tomorrow". And with tax day that would be so true- but I did them already!

So for all those who still have to do them, good luck!

Now that they are done I can concentrate on more important things like -tatting! LOL. :)-
(Picture is of Becki and a stray buck we called Bob. He must have been raised by someone and let go into the wild. He wondered into our property and stayed for three weeks until he left.)


Becki said...

Out of all the Bob pictures, you chose that ones. That is not exactly the best picture. Oh well.

Carol Lawecki said...

Oh My! What an awesome feeling that must have been to be standing so close to the young buck and petting him too!