Saturday, March 14, 2009

TaDa!First projects with 'Lizbeth' Thread.

One earring (about 2 1/2 - 3 inches) in 'Lizbeth' 20 in 'Country Grape Swirl'. I put label to give you prospect of size. Pattern is from an old Workbasket June/July 1991 by Millie Wilcoxson called 'Tatted Oval Earrings'.
The two side by side. The big on is about 6-7 inches across. The size 20 thread makes it about 3-4 inches.

'Q' snowflake by Jon in size 5 hdt thread by Marilee aka Yarnplayer 'Morning Glory'

'Q' Snowflake from Jon done in Lizbeth 'Jewel' thread. Click on pic for a closer look!
Did I mention I REALLY like this new thread! It tat's like a dream(I've said that before!) and it doesn't twist as much as Flora can some times. It is smooth and rings close nicely.
OK enough about thread!
My daughter is MIA!( Not really she just doesn't want to talk to her family right now.) She had regionals for Basketball in Ketchikan and it was like 4 games one day 4 games the next and 7 on the last day. Her chops were gone(she played her tuba with the group). She came close to hurting the male staff member when he heaved her 10 thousand dollar tuba over the seat like a sack of potatoes.( I almost fly out there to take this guy out for mistreating not only her instrument but the schools drum sets. I payed for the tuba and at the time I got it it was only 3000 dollars 10 years ago-so you can see why I was upset.) What message did that send to the students? My youngest son(who plays tuba also) would have gotten in his face. At 6'5" and 300 lbs that is allot to have in your face. But Becki ever the professional chose to deal with it not in front of the students.
So she has Spring break and has gone into hiding get away from Met. And she has her phone off so we can't call- oh well maybe she is getting much needed sleep!
Today both hubby and I have a cold so all I want to do is sit, some tatting and drink herbal tea. So with that thought I will say-TaTa for now!


TattingChic said...

Alright, that's it! I'm getting some Lizbeth thread, LOL! :)
It looks like you are enjoying yours so much! :)

TAT19540 said...

Yes I am and there are sooo many color to chose from- where to begin!