Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Have't died, just been working and tatting.

Just a quick post. I received my shipment of Lizabeth thread from Handy Hands. WOW! I can't say enough good about this thread! The first batch I got last year was very twisty but this batch even made my husband comment on how nice the rings and stitches looked!( He always asks me if I'd rather be doing something else other than tatting. What is he nuts! No- I rather tat thank you.) And now with this thread what a joy. It is as nice as hdt thread I get from Yarnplayer. If you fellow tatters haven't ordered this thread give it a try- you'll love it! :)


DiiAnnA said...

I got my replacment Lizabet yarn yesterday. After reading your post I am anxious to try it out. The new packaging is great.

TattingChic said...

That is good to hear! I am anxious to try some of the new batch. I held off on buying it before because I wanted to know how it tatted up first, LOL!
I can't wait to order some! :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I'm glad to have found your blog. One can't read too many tatting blogs, you know!

I received my replacement thread from Handy Hands this week also. I agree... last year's thread was way too twisty, but the new thread is fabulous! I'm tatting Iris Niebach's "Beatrice" in Spring Green. Can't wait to see what you tat!

CrazyKwilter said...

Hi Sue Anna, thanks for your offer of thread, but this Christmas but my family gifted me with more tatting thread than I will ever be able to use. LOL

It was thoughtful of you to offer!