Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hearts , shirts and not much else!

Becki's Pep Band and their hand tie-dyed shirts.
Hearts Entwined pattern by Jon Yusoff. My first major shuttle tatted piece I did in 10 years! It is done in Marilee's(Yarnplayer) 'Rose' size20. (I wish I knew how to make it so you can click on it so you can see the detail, but I don't.)
Hey I just clicked on the picture and guess what-it opened another window and shows the picture bigger. Cool! :)

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TattingChic said...

The pep band looks like they really like their tye dyed shirts. I remember my first (and only) tye dyed shirt. I loved it...wore it to death, LOL!

Your heart looks lovely. Too bad it looks like it's 5 miles away. I'd love to see it up closer especially since it's in Yarnplayer's beautiful HDT! :)