Monday, February 16, 2009

Becki Sat On A Wall, Becki Had A Great Fall!

Boo Boo Knee of Becki. Ouch!
You should see the other guy!
Poor Becki was walking from one building to the other at school and twisted her ankle and fell not so gracefully. Everyone was very concerned so she had to go to Health Services ( there is not hospital at Met) and get checked out. They do not have X-Ray, but it didn't appear that she broke anything. Becki called us and said she had something funny to tell us. Her idea of funny and mine are very different when it involves injury!
The eye is two days later and all her bruises are starting to get that nasty discoloration to them. She did her great 'fall' two days before Valentines day.
I have been sewing quillows and really only tatted one heart for my bus. Now is the time to pull out the tatting patterns for March.(Like kites, shamrocks and other fun things). And soon it will be butterfly season!
Well this is just a quick post and I have a quillow calling me!TaTa for now:)

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Becki said...

I had my great fall the day before V-Day. It was friday when I had my conversation with the ground