Friday, December 19, 2008

Yeah Snow Day!

Yeah! It's a snow day. This is a picture(2nd one) of a maple leaf made from size 50 "sugar maple" hdt by Yarnplayer and the first round of "Snowflake", pattern by Eileen Stafford in 2000 made in a size 3 Perle hdt " Summertime" also dyed by Yarnplayer. You can find her at (You have to check Yarnplayer out. She can also be found at )
The 1st one is called "MIlky Way" pattern by Jon Yusoff from her book "Tatted Snowflake Collection" and the thread is a Perle size 3 hdt also by Yarnplayer. I forget the name but as you see it didn't fit completely on the scanner. It makes a lovely doily and will look nice on my daughter-in-laws coffee table my husband made!

I finished all my tatted ornaments for my kids (19 in all) and passed them out yesterday. Sunday I finished my afghan for my secret Santa gift, crocheted several snowflakes and got my fudge made. I also got the centers to my truffles done. I will use today to dip my truffles and fudge. After tomorrow I will make crocheted rugs and dish cloths for Christmas presents. Yes I am crazy but idle hands are the Devils tools so I just keep mine busy and making things I can to give to others I can't get into trouble!
Becki had to call us two nights in a row to tell us her concerts went well ( she is the music teacher in a small town in Alaska). Actually she was squealing with delight. And last night her tuba playing was a big hit at the Community concert. It made my husband and I grateful for all our blessings and how great our kids are. Also all those band concerts I went to it was like reliving all those great memories again in her tales about her children at school. I miss the sound of practicing in the home sometimes. My husband plays several instruments and I I enjoy when he takes his banjo out. My thing is crafts though I enjoy singing. It will be nice to have everyone home for Christmas and the music that will fill our house. (We all like to sing together and drag out the instruments.)
Well my truffles are not going to dip themselves so-TaTa for now!


TattingChic said...

That's a lot of tatting you did on your Christmas ornaments. I am guessing that 19 includes grandkids as well!?!
The snowflake you've shown here is lovely.

yarnplayer said...

Wow, you are busy! The snowflakes and leaf are very pretty - and thanks for the promo :-)