Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Shuttle's Tale!

original packet
Let me tell you a tale that started over a month ago across the pond. Sweet little shuttles were egarly awaiting to go to their new "mom" and be lovingly put to good use. Their "aunt Jane" kissed them good bye and put them in their mailer for their journey.(" Oh yes we were so happy, but the packet was dark. Aunt Jane told use it wouldn't be long and we would be at our new mommy!!!") Alas poor shuttles huddled together in their cold dark packet waited, and waited put they sat on a shelf in some sorting office. Then they found themelves not with their new home but back with their Aunt Jane with all sort of scribbles on their packet like not a small packet, not enough postage and it needed to go back to Canada. Canada? Yes Canada. Someone in the sorting office must think UK and USA and Canada are the same place. So sweet Aunt Jane put them in a new packet and sent them on their way . ("And we hope we make it to our new home soon") And now we wait.
Yes the shuttle tale continues only time will tell.
On a tatting note I did my 3rd round of our round robin. Pic below. I have never done these before and it takes a little design challege that I am learning as I go. I keep telling myself this suppose to be fun. It is and very educational.
Third round of round robin.
 On a personal note my sister in law has been home for almost a month and does therapy 5 days a week. She is talking great and still has a little swallowing issue. Her balance gets better every day. She can walk with a little help and does stairs. We feel she will make a full recovery. Thanks for all the prayers! Until next time. :)


Gina said...

Sounds like you are having lots of challenges right now besides just the doily. Glad to hear progress on your SIL. Hope you have shuttles soon! Lots of hugging support sent to you. (squeeze squeeze squeeze!)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I've been waiting for a post on your new shuttles! I totally forgot to go to Jane's shop that fateful morning. I'm so glad you were able to place an order, and I'm sure those little travelers will arrive safely soon!

It's good to read that your sister-in-law is doing so well. She (and you) have been in my thoughts a lot lately.

That doily does look challenging! I'm not sure I'd have the confidence to attempt something like that!

We'll need to get together soon... I need a tatting buddy fix, and I have a DVD to return to you!

Jane Eborall said...

Wow, the round robin is looking fantastic. Ah, the dreaded missing shuttles AND another wee envelope I sent you too. Are there gremlins at your end too?

Marilee Rockley said...

Sending good vibes that your SIL makes a full recovery. Also hope those shuttles will finally get safely to you! I enjoyed the way you told the story; you're a good writer!